Lobster: Sunday Times Ran MI5 Smear Stories against Maurice Oldfield

It seems that the Sunset Times has a long history of smearing people for the powers that be, and that the libel about Mike being an anti-Semite and Holocaust Denier is just the latest of these vile smears.

I found this interesting little snippet in Lobster’s review of Martin Dillon’s The Enemy Within: The IRA’s War against the British (London: Doubleday 1994), in issue 30, page 41. It reads

Stories about Maurice Oldfield ’emanated from the ongoing conflict between MI5 and MI6… MI5 used RUC Special Branch to circulate stories about Oldfield going to the town of Comber to pick up young men (and) that the ageing spy chief was involved in the Kincora boys’ home in East Belfast. (p. 192). (This story, I seem to remember, was first run through the Sunday Times).

The Kincora Boys’ Home was the centre of a major scandal in the late 1970s, when it was revealed that the children in the care home were being sent out to be abused by high-ranking members of the Loyalist community in Ulster.

Going forward in time, it was either the Sunday Times, or its sister paper, the Times, that smeared Michael Foot, the former Labour leader, as a KGB spy, codename ‘Comrade Boot’. Foot did what Mike intends to do, and sued. He won. But obviously the paper hasn’t learned anything, and is still merrily flinging mud for the benefit of the Tories and the Israel lobby.

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3 Responses to “Lobster: Sunday Times Ran MI5 Smear Stories against Maurice Oldfield”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hi Beastie, it was the Sunday edition:


    hard to believe that they still try to get away with the same old pattern, they must think the public have short memories… sadly many of us!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Thanks, Michelle. Unfortunately far too many people do have short memories, and the newspaper can always rely on its reputation as a ‘paper of record’. No worries, we just made a mistake, that’s all. And the lies continue.

    • Florence Says:

      Only last night I was chatting with an older party member (who is virulently anti Corbyn) who used the Foot saga to say it was a reason Labour under Corbyn would never be “allowed” to win. He refused to engage on the amount of disinformation, slurs, smears and lies already deployed, and muttered darkly about “they can do worse”. He is also of the belief that the 300,000 new members are also shallow, apolitical cult members too. And that party members are far too left of the electorate. So I sent him a copy of today’s (Mondays) Survation poll.

      And on the original topic, yes, too many short memories, but I see the older members of the different communities we belong to (party, neighbours, family, social networks) as being that collective memory. We must make sure we fulfil that role.

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