RT Video of South Korean Anti-Trump Peace Protest

This is a short video from RT of a peace rally that is going on in South Korea ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to that country. It’s quite a colourful occasion. The demonstrators hold up placards in both English and Korean. The slogans in English include ‘No Trump, No War’, ‘Trump, Shut Up’, ‘No Trump, No Racism’ and ‘Peace Please’. There’s a group of drummers there, and at one point there’s also a group of young women wearing candle costumes with their heads enfolded in hats representing flames. There’s also a big screen, which shows footage of Trump threatening to destroy North Korea utterly, with subtitles, which gets a gasp of very strong disapproval from the crowd.

I really am not at all surprised that the people of South Korea are demonstrating against Trump and his threats of starting a war with Kim Jong-Un. North and South Korea used to be parts of the same country, after all, even if the North is under a brutal, Stalinist dictatorship. And if Trump does start a war with North Korea, it’ll be the South and Japan which stand the most chance of being incinerated in the ensuing holocaust.

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One Response to “RT Video of South Korean Anti-Trump Peace Protest”

  1. joanna Says:

    That was awesome Beast!!! Let’s hope that scares Trump from visiting them in any way!!!

    I really don’t think Trump will attack North Korea, because as bad as Kim Jon-UN is, I think the whole world will try to to protect them, anyway it would economically ruin the US if not the whole world.
    If ever Trump gives the order for an attack on North Korea, both the FBI and the Justice department will veto his orders (he feels saddened that he hasn’t got control of those departments, His own words!!!).
    Amendment 25 will certainly come into play and he would be impeached!!! Hopefully!!!

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