RT on House of Lord’s Opposition to £200 million Going to Syrian Opposition

This clip from RT covers the opposition in the House of Lord’s debate over the British government spending £200 million of taxpayer’s money on the Syrian opposition groups. Only £14 million of this money was for ‘political purposes’. One member of the Lords asks the obvious question about what the rest of the money is for. A government spokesman replies that it is to help the Syrian people stand on their own feet, and that £39 million has gone towards roads and such. Another peer states that the British people would be outraged if they knew how much money was being spent in this way, and feels it would be better spent against fuel poverty in the UK.

Baroness Caroline Cox argued that we should not be sending this money to the Syrian opposition groups, as they are not moderate and will use the money to purchase arms that will be used against us. Interviewed by RT afterwards, she states that she has gone to Syria to see what the situation was really like there, where she met President Assad. She states that there was much opposition to her when she came back, as the government really didn’t want to go, arguing it was unsafe. But she felt she had to go after working with women and children, who had fled the war. She states that she certainly does not condone many of the things Assad has done, but she went to see what the Syrian people wanted.

Cox is quite right to object to this money being spent supporting the opposition groups. They are by no means moderate. They include al-Nusra, which used to be the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, and ISIS. They aim to set up another hardline Islamist state. Syria at the moment, while not a democracy, is a secular state. If the opposition groups take over, they will begin exterminating Christians, Shi’a and moderate Sunni Muslims, and any other religious or secular group that they considered the enemies of Islam, just as they have done elsewhere in Iraq. The weapons they use will be passed on to other Islamist militants, who will use it against us.

The claim that this is to promote a genuinely democratic regime in Syria is a lie. The Likudniks and neocons have been pressing for regime change in Syria for a long time, not least because Assad is supported by Russia and Iran. They, and an alliance of various Arab countries, also want to topple Assad because he is blocking the construction of an oil pipeline which they would like to run from Qatar to Turkey. Assad has refused on the grounds that it would damage the oil interests of his Iranian and Russian allies.

We should not be funding the Syrian opposition. They represent only more sectarian violence and butchery. If they win, the country will destroyed, just like Iraq and Libya. But it will allow the oil multinationals to loot the country, just as they did in Iraq.

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2 Responses to “RT on House of Lord’s Opposition to £200 million Going to Syrian Opposition”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hi Beastie,

    last Thursday eve I was at an event in London to hear 7 speakers re ‘The Media on trial’. The speakers included John Pilger, (who sadly was too ill to join due to his bronchitis), other speakers included ‘Vanessa Beeley, Peter Ford retired Syrian ambassador, Patrick Henningsen (alternative news media 21st Century Wire), , Prof Piers Robinson (University Sheffield), Robert Stuart and Prof Tim Hayward (Univ Edinburgh). We had a stink bomb thrown and some anti-Assad demonstrators who obviously didn’t want the audience to absorb the information on the military propaganda and who were eventually forced to leave.

    Syria was very much an example subject of the war propaganda by the MSM because of governments and the corporates currently seeking the business and geopolitical power of war.

    Vanessa Beeley had much to say on yet another funding route via the White Helmets in Syria from the UK, US, European and Japanese governments, even though White Helmet’s members have been seen on their on social media pages as very much a part of the rebel army factions e.g.:


  2. Michelle Says:

    PS: Beastie a couple of official links to Baroness Cox’s ?’s:



    TV clip link from this page (as it couldn’t be found via google…) https://www.hart-uk.org/news/baroness-cox-syria/

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