RT: Hundreds Demonstrate in London against Police Brutality in Catalonia

This is another very short video from RTUK. At just over a minute long, it covers the protest in London today against the Spanish government’s violent suppression of the Catalan independence referendum. One young man says he’s been crying over the past two days every time he’s seen the footage of the violence, as it could be his parents and family. A young woman complains that Theresa May has issued no condemnation of the violence, and she finds this shocking in a country that prides itself on respect for the rule of law. Another young woman, who I would think from the way she speaks is probably Catalan, says that there has been no help from the EU. They have said instead that they should try for a dialogue with Spain. She goes on to say that ‘we’ve tried that for years’, and shakes her head, indicating that it hasn’t worked. A young Asian chap says that he’s a Remainer, but he finds the EU’s attitude to the violence, as well as the violence itself, shocking. He states clearly that ‘there’s no need for that’.

There were protests against the Fascistic violence used by the Spanish police against the Catalan voters in Scotland yesterday. I put up another video from RT of that. from what I’ve read, Rajoy’s popularity in the rest of Spain has gone up, even though his actions have been a brutal assault on democracy in Catalonia itself, and will have made the case for independence even stronger amongst Catalans.

And I don’t doubt it has soured the image of Spain and the EU, for failing to stop or issue any strong condemnation of the brutality, elsewhere in the European Union. I strongly support Britain’s membership of the EU, but this failure to prevent or tackle state violence in Spain is disgusting, and must alarm some of the other nations, who are suffering from the EU’s less than democratic policies towards them, like Greece and Italy.

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4 Responses to “RT: Hundreds Demonstrate in London against Police Brutality in Catalonia”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hi Beastie – Comment from El País newspaper today (in English) on the legal situation and the impasse, but the comment plays down the violence e.g. most rubber bullets don’t produce minor injuries!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Oops the El País link: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/elpais.com/elpais/2017/10/03/inenglish/1507025584_438952.amp.html

  3. Michelle Says:

    Or better link that is direct, apologies for 3 comments: https://elpais.com/elpais/2017/10/03/inenglish/1507025584_438952.html

  4. Beastrabban Says:

    Thanks for this, Michelle. And I’ve also heard that rubber bullets don’t produce minor injuries. I read somewhere that they will still kill if fired directly at someone, and so the soldiers or police using them fire them down at the ground in front of a crowd so that they’ll have less force. But this will still produce terrible wounds to those hit in the groin. A number of men have been castrated through their use in Northern Ireland.

    There’s absolutely no way they should ever have been used against people, who were only coming out to vote.

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