Two New Trailers for ‘Electric Dreams’ Episode ‘The Hood Maker’

I’ve just found these trailers from Channel 4 on YouTube for episode 1 of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, ‘The Hood Maker. This is set in a dystopian Britain where telepaths – Teeps – are used to monitor the thoughts of the population.

It looks really good, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

As for dictatorial governments monitoring people’s thoughts, Pat Mills, one of the writers for 2000 AD, used it in Nemesis the Warlock and the ABC Warriors. In Nemesis the Warlock, Torquemada and his terminators, a brutal military religious order, who had imposed a genocidally racist dictatorship on Earth in the far future, monitored the poplation’s thoughts mechanically. And there was a story in the ABC Warriors where another future dictatorship, this time on Mars, also used mechanical devices to keep their people in order.

As various mechanisms are being developed to ‘read’ minds, albeit simply to use nerve impulses from the brain to operate various systems, and some IT engineers are talking about developing artificial telepathy, this particular dystopian idea may not be entirely fantasy after all.

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6 Responses to “Two New Trailers for ‘Electric Dreams’ Episode ‘The Hood Maker’”

  1. vondreassen Says:

    you wonder if people who vote tory have been subject to secret brain bypass #

  2. chriswaynepoetry Says:

    I’ll a big fan of Philip K Dick. My favourite novel of his is Flow My Tears The Policeman Said. Human Is is my favourite short story of his, which is one of the episodes of this series.

  3. Narmane Said Ali Says:

    It was an interesting novel to see how normals react with the telepaths

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