TYT’s Francis Maxwell Tears Into Charlottesville Nazis in Less Than Five Minutes

In this short clip, The Young Turks’ Francis Maxwell uses his dulcet Scots tones to rip into the Nazis who goose-stepped into Charlottesville last week with stinging ridicule. Maxwell states that he’s mocking fun of them because they do not deserve to be taken seriously or to be given the dignity of anything but mockery and ridicule. And he also lays into those from the Right, from Donald Trump and Laura Southern on down, who condemn both sides. Because this equates anti-Nazis with Nazis, those who protest against racist violence and discrimination, with those who would perpetrate.

Amongst the Nazis and White Supremacists he attacks is the young man, who claims he wasn’t really a racist. He points out that if he seriously means that, then he should have take a trip to Las Vegas instead of joining a Nazi rally. He then posts up multiple pictures of the guy, with a paedophile moustache added so that he resembles his hero, Adolf Hitler.

He also tears bloody chunks off an older man, in T-shirt with long, greying hair, whom he calls ‘Gandalf’. This man spent years planning armed attacks against Black and Jewish businesses. He’s a career criminal, who, if they were serious about their march being all about heritage and not a campaign for racist violence, shouldn’t have been allowed in the local demonstration.

He also launches another attack on a yet another moustachio’d man, who cried that he’d better be kept a hundred feet away from a school.

He also mocks them for their lack of personal hygiene, their terrible fashion sense – deriding them as ‘neckbeards’ who have stolen their father’s khaki chinos, and their entire lack of attractiveness to women. He calls them ‘basement dwellers’, who have never ‘touched a breast’, and says that ‘Gandalf’ should have taken his crew to a brothel instead of the march, as there they would have had a 20 per cent chance of actually talking to a woman. Although this was still high estimate of their chances of success. He also accused the lad wearing the neckbeard of having grown it to hide how many times women had swiped left on him when they’d seen him on mobile phones.

The Young Turks in their blurb for the video state that this is how you rip into them, and they’ve got a very fair point. As for the Nazis’ sex appeal, or lack of it, The Young Turks have also made a video revealing that the young men, who joined their march were encouraged by the organisers, who told them that this would make them attractive to women and would get them girlfriends. Some hope of that! As the Turks themselves also pointed out, this was the same recruiting tactic ISIS uses: that if young guys join them, they’ll be inundated with jihadi brides all wanting their bodies and their children.

Counterpart also published a piece commenting on the Nazis’ sexuality as well by a female sex therapist, who has contributed a number of articles to their site. She also observed their massive lack of appeal to women, and stated that rather than confronting the fact, they simply retreated into massive misogyny and hatred towards women in order to try and explain it to themselves. She also declared that many of them were repressed gays trying to suppress their fantasies about their fellow stormtroopers, and tormented by fantasies of well-endowed Black men satisfying their wives or girlfriends.

As a general observation on the weird sexuality of Fascist groups, this is very accurate. Ludwig Theweileit, a German historian, wrote an entire book, Male Fantasies, arguing that an important psychological component in Nazism was homosexuality. 75 per cent of the SA, the paramilitary wing of the Nazi party, who were wiped out by the SS on Hitler’s orders during the Night of the Long Knives, were gay.

This doesn’t mean that the Nazis were at all tolerant of gays, as claimed by some supporters of the Republican party. They weren’t. Homosexuality amongst Jews was promoted before the Holocaust as a method of stopping the Jewish people from reproducing. Aryan gays were persecuted as well as the other racial, religious and political groups banned by the Nazis, and were interned in the concentration camps. If I remember correctly, there was even a play about the Nazi persecution of gays, Bent, staged in the 1980s.

And lurid fantasies and fears about the racial other preying on Aryan women is also a standard part of White racist/ Nazi psychology. Hitler had a recurring nightmare of a chained, blonde woman terrorized by a Jewish butcher. One of the anti-Semitic myths promoted by late 19th century racist ideologues is that Jews are more highly sexed than gentiles. And Blacks have also suffered from a similar racist myth – that they are more sexually motivated than Whites, and have larger genitals.

As for their lack of success with women, this reminds me of an article about a Far Right musician, who was part of the Nazi Black Metal/ Industrial scene in America in Adam Parfrey’s collection of articles on apocalyptic America, Cult Rapture. The article was entitled, ‘Where Can I Find a Girlfriend for this Nice, Young, Nazi Psycho-killer’ or something similar. This particular specimen of walking race hate had produced a book or pamphlet arguing that, rather than being prudes and puritans, the Third Reich was a sexual wonderland. The author himself was also spectacularly unsuccessful in attracting the attentions of the opposite gender. He did manage to get himself a date once with a female White supremacist, but he was too much even for her. She escaped from him by claiming out the windows of the ladies’ toilets after telling him that she needed to powder her nose.

Of course, they’re a very serious threat under all this. But the Nazis are such a bunch of twisted individuals that they deserve all the ridicule they get.

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6 Responses to “TYT’s Francis Maxwell Tears Into Charlottesville Nazis in Less Than Five Minutes”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Wow Beast that was awesome!!! If he has a website, then Trump should be forced to sit in front of a computer watching him all day!!! It will do one two things it will drive him insane? sorry he is already there! Or he will change, though there is a glaciers chances in hell that that would ever happen, but sometimes you have to hope!

    BTW did you get my email Beast? if so what did you think? I now you might have made those points before but because of my mental health, i have somewhat limited memory, I can’t even remember what I wrote.

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for the comment, Joanna. It’ is a good video, and it should definitely upset the orange buffoon and his friends in the far right.

      I did get your email, though due to one thing and another I forgot all about it until now. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll just go and send you an answer.:)

      • Joanna Says:

        Thanks Beast, I know this might a bit irrelevant to any thing but will you call me Jo please i feel more accepted, I know weird but I was made this way.

        On a serious point why haven’t anyone thought that, if people need to return to fascism, then why don’t they start treating people better and more humanely? I think some of what is going on, is that people are fighting back but at the wrong people, and for the wrong cause. I know people say there should be peaceful protests, but peace is much easier to ignore sometimes, people have got so frustrated that they are turning to hate, and when many people have to fight to survive, there Is a breaking point!! I know the people in the video are idiots but is Trump any less evil than Hitler? Trump is systematically breaking the spirits of all those who are not like him wealthy!!!!

      • Beastrabban Says:

        Right Jo, thanks for the reply!:)

        Fascism by definition is a cult of violence and force. Mussolini and his squadristi used boast about how their movement supported violence as ‘the decisive argument’. The popular symbol of Fascism in Mussolini’s Italy was the manganello, the club with which the Fascists beat up their left-wing and centrist opponents on the streets.

        And the way Fascism works is by misdirecting popular hatred at the system onto the poorest and weakest in society. The Nazis singled out the Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies and people of eastern European, Slavonic languages, like Poles, Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians, as well as the congenitally disabled, as well as the unemployed and other ‘idlers’.

        It also attacks and targets left-wing dissent and attempts to change the system through Socialism and trade unions.

        We do need to start treating people more humanely in order to resist the dehumanizing trends in what’s happening now. But you can’t have, by definition, a humane Fascism. Fascism always and everywhere stands for terror and the use of force.

        As for Trump, he isn’t as evil as Hitler by a long chalk, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be resisted. And you’re absolutely right about him trying to break the spirit of everyone who isn’t wealthy.

        Just like the Tories are doing over here.

  2. Joanna Says:

    Thanks for the explanation Beast! I have learnt so much from you I enjoy the learning I just hope other people can learn that hate isn’t the way to go, I know I sound quite simple in my views but that is how I have survived over the years, and not confronting anyone for ridiculous reasons. :0) x

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Ta muchly for the appreciation, Jo!:) And I don’t think your views are any simpler than anyone else’s. Some of the issues people are confronted with are actually quite complex and difficult, and ordinary people can be too busy to study them properly, or else they simply aren’t told all the facts.

      If you look at the papers, with the exception of the broadsheets, they offer the bare minimum of information, and have very strong biases that they are often very careful to hide from ordinary people, so what is basically just opinion is presented very much as fact.

      It’s the same on TV. Often they just want politicians or other experts to give them a soundbite. This is impossible for some issues, which really require a longer explanation.

      I think this is being radically challenged with the internet. You can get a wide range of information at the click of a mouse button, including detailed research from experts. I’ve learned a lot from reading some of the other blogs and sites, which I cite in my own pieces. And living in Bristol, where there are some great bookshops helps.

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