More on the Government Falsification of the Figures for the Deaths from Grenfell Tower

Mike has this evening put up another piece about the figures for the number of people, who have died in the Grenfell Tower fire. The Met police have now said that the number of people believed to have been killed is 79. Mike reasons from this that there are a further 382 still missing, as the block had 600 residents. 65 were rescued, and 74 are in hospital.

There is an appeal for residents who are well, but who have not yet made themselves known to the authorities to come forward.

However, as Mike points out in his article, many people are convinced that the authorities are deliberately underestimating the fatalities. He has a video in the post, where people say that they have seen many more bodies than have been officially counted.

In an earlier post, Mike suggested that a true estimate of the number of people, as suggested by EvolvePolitics, might be given by taking the total number of residents and subtracting the numbers for those, who had been rescued and were in hospital. At the time EvolvePolitics tweeted this, it was believed thirty people had been officially declared dead, so the probably figure for the numbers of people killed in the blaze is 461.

One of the people posting about this on social media, Gemma-Fox-Official, claimed that she had been told by two of the firefighters who tackled this inferno, that there were many more bodies recovered than have been officially acknowledged. According to her, they said it was three tents full of them. The firefighters informed her, she says, that they were ordered to count only those people who physically died in the building. If they leaped from it, and fell to their deaths, they were not counted in the official death toll.

If this is true, then it’s truly revolting. It means that, in order to keep power, the Tories are once again lying about the numbers their policies have killed. It’s frankly another denial of justice.

These rumours may well be wrong, but considering the way the Tories have massively denied and then falsified other mortality statistics – such as for the number of disabled people, who have died after being found fit and well by Atos, they are all too plausible.

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4 Responses to “More on the Government Falsification of the Figures for the Deaths from Grenfell Tower”

  1. joanna Says:

    I Give Up!!! There will never be any justice, as it is an illusion!!!!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Don’t give up, Jo! There is a lot of things wrong, but there are still good people in this country. And there are still very many things worth fighting for. We mustn’t be disheartened and let the Tories and their supporters win.

      • joanna Says:

        I know there are very good people, you included Beast!!
        But the powerful can do what they want, and if they can’t, they can still make life intolerable for others!

        If I lied to get a job I would be fired and maybe prosecuted! If a law doesn’t agree with the powerful they can change it to suit them, or they can simply blame those under them, who can then say “but I was only following orders”. The crime then gets so watered down that no-one knows what the crime was in the first place, no matter how many lives are lost, because to them lives aren’t worth anything!!!

        Even the Queen doesn’t have any power, so what is the point there.
        Corbyn keeps saying he will do all he can, but in reality he can’t do anything, and whatever concessions he might get, is, if the Tories are going to profit by giving in to that particular point!

        When all is said and done our lives aren’t ours, the only thing I have got going for me, for now, is that I have managed so far to be Invisible, which means I get to exist instead of being penalised for being alive. If however I try to better myself, I then put my life in jeopardy.

        I did fight, for an organisation once and I was given the impression that I won, for a little while, then I lost everything!!

        I will probably go insane waiting for the powerful to finally topple, It aint gonna happen because they have so much protection going for them and even if they do lose power they have their stolen, fraudulent fortune to survive on.

        I’m sorry about being pessimistic Beast, but I can’t help feeling like this, my depression seems to be winning and I have no-one to help me overcome it, I really wish I could!! but I need help!!

  2. joanna Says:

    As to my opinion of the Grenfell ruin, It Should be made safe to stay standing! To shame all those rich scum who wanted the building to be prettied up to make “their view more tolerable to them” and a reminder to the council of what they have done by cutting corners, also the money saved, from using “cheaper cladding, should be found and the council managers charged with a massacre, please call it what it IS!!! Every empty house in the area Should be requisitioned no matter who owns them, it is the very least they can do, it would also teach their young about doing the Right thing for other human beings!!

    Theresa May should be tried, and if found guilty, she should be given 3 or 4 life sentences to be served consecutively and made to pay millions in compensation and not be allowed to pass it to her husband!!! That is the only Justice I can think is good enough!!
    But then as there is No justice anyway all of this is useless to even dream of!!!

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