More Tory Lies as May Claims that ‘Austerity Is Dead’

On Tuesday Mike put up a post commenting on May’s claim that she was going to end the austerity foisted on the country by Cameron, Osborne and Nick Clegg. The trio had claimed that cutting services, privatising the NHS, and dismantling the welfare state even more ruthlessly, were what was needed to pay off the debt Labour had incurred trying to prevent the global economy collapsing due to the bankster’s recklessness. The result has been wages cuts and a massive increase in poverty as the poor, the unemployed, the sick and the disabled were thrown off benefits for the flimsiest of reasons.

Instead of blaming the bankers for the economic crisis, the Tories and their Lib Dem enablers went back to the using refrain of blaming ‘high spending’ Labour for ‘living beyond our means’.

As Mike points out in his post, cutting government investment is the one thing you don’t do during a recession. State investment stimulates the economy, which means that businesses start making money again, which generates more tax revenue.

This one of the arguments in support of welfare provision against unemployment. If unemployed workers have some kind of income during a recession, they can afford to spend some of it, thus generating more income for businesses and the state. It’s basic Keynsianism, and it works. Unlike the grotty free market economics embraced by the Tories. That has only succeeded in increasing the debt.

Now Theresa May has decided that austerity should be ended. Not because she has woken up at last to the fact that it isn’t working, and in fact is damaging the British economy. Or because she’s suddenly grown a conscience, and has realised the immense human cost of the Tories’ austerity policies in terms of tens of thousands of people, who have died in misery. Or the 7 million plus British people now living in ‘food-insecure’ households, who don’t know if they’re next meal is going to be their last.

No, it’s because the Tories lost their overall majority, thanks to a revived Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn. Mike comments

And now, further cuts are being abandoned – not because austerity’s ends have been achieved, but because the Tories have realised they will forfeit votes if they continue.

Everybody in the UK, who isn’t filthy rich, should be furious. We should be marching on Tory MPs’ homes and offices with blazing torches and pitchforks, shouting “Burn the monsters!”

The last thing we should do is tolerate this latest cynical reaction to prevailing trends. Tories represent greed and power. The only reason they abandon their pursuit of greed is when it may harm their hold on power.

Mike isn’t the only one who’s furious at this cynical U-turn and the cavalier fashion in which the Tories have shrugged off their responsibility for destroying so many lives with a brutal, callous and entirely wrong economic and social policy. He concludes

Even now, on the BBC’s Daily Politics, Tories Michael Howard and Dominic Grieve are talking about the need to live within our means. The fact is that it is entirely possible, if Tories are stopped from siphoning off our money into their bank accounts.

The end of austerity is to be welcomed.

The end of the UK’s problems will only come when the Conservatives are banished from Parliament forever.


In fact, the I newspaper also reported on the same day that the Tories were revising their manifesto, and dropping the more unpopular policies, such as the ‘Dementia Tax’. This was accompanied with noises about how we lived in a democratic society, and the Tories were a democratic party, so they were responding to the demands of the electorate.

There were also statements designed to reassure Tory supporters that this time, May herself would be performing better in public. They claimed that she was now a more naturalistic speaker, and that ‘the Maybot is gone.’

I find all of this very difficult to believe. The Tories are inveterate liars, who lie constantly without compunction. You only have to look through Mike’s blog for the past week or so to find very long lists of May’s promises, which she has subsequently broken. Such as her promises to put workers on the boards of companies. The campaign of her predecessor, David Cameron, was one long series of lies. He and IDS, the minister for culling the disabled, claimed that they were going to ringfence spending on the NHS, campaigned against hospital closures by Blair’s New Labour, and tried to present the Tories as now being more left-wing and friendly to the poor. He also stuck a windmill on the roof of his house, and claimed that his would be ‘the greenest government ever’.

Once in power, the NHS was being cut and privatised, hospitals closed and given over to private management companies, conditionality for welfare benefits massively increased, and any semblance of environmentalism thrown out completely. The windmill went from his roof, and in came the privatisation of Britain’s forests, the repeal of various pieces of legislation protecting the environment, and the go-ahead given to fracking.

The fact that Howard and Grieve were talking about ‘living within our means’ – which is Tory-speak for not spending anything on the poor and state services, like the NHS and education, means that the Tories really don’t believe it.

And yesterday Mike put up a piece reporting that Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, and Sajid Javid are calling for May’s proposed cap on energy bills to be scrapped and the party should return to its ‘free market roots’.

Mike quoted Labour’s shadow energy minister, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and concluded:

“If correct, this is potentially another stunning U-turn from a weak and wobbly Prime Minister,” said Rebecca Long-Bailey, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

“One in ten households are living in fuel poverty and customers are being overcharged a whopping £2 billion every year. Theresa May unequivocally guaranteed a price cap before the general election but now it appears she is preparing to row back on that promise. It now looks like this price cap was simply an election gimmick and that the Conservatives were never serious about taking action to keep energy bills down.

“Britain needs a serious and long term approach in order to bring energy costs down, not cheap gimmicks that may simply be thrown into the bin just a week after the General Election.”

She’s right; Philip Hammond and Sajid Javid are wrong. What do YOU think the Tories will do?

I think it’s blatantly obvious what the Tories will do. They’re lying now about ending austerity, but perfectly serious about abandoning the energy bill cap. If they get in again, May will reintroduce all the policies she claimed she abandoned, and the Tories will once again chant the old Thatcherite chorus of TINA – There Is No Alternative.

There is. It’s Jeremy Corbyn. He’s this country’s hope to stop further NHS privatisation, welfare cuts, starvation and deaths.

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8 Responses to “More Tory Lies as May Claims that ‘Austerity Is Dead’”

  1. vondreassen Says:

    Being ancient has it’s rewards at least we managed to learn by reading wise people….

  2. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast where I live in Hull it has for a very long time been a Labour held city, They are now pulling out all the stops to put in sprinklers in their high rises, I believe they will, not because they are liars, I’m not sure about the council bureaucracy, because don’t they work primarily for the government of the day?
    But the amount of lawsuits that will come from this will be Huge.

    I lived in a high rise for 23 years and for the last 4 years of my living there the, fire hoses on every floor was removed and nothing put in it’s place!! How is that not endangering lives?!!

    How are the victims going to be housed? London councils have sold off their council housing to private landlords, and the bedroom tax will, of course kick in for some of the people, there are no Community Care grant anymore nor is there a Crisis Fund system anymore. Some of the Poor victims will be lucky to be able to stay in London or even around that area, It might now be a Labour held area but for now the Tories pull the strings. This world is Sick!!!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      I hadn’t thought about all that, Jo, but you’re right – it’s going to mean a lot of poverty and hardship for the victims of the fire. My guess is that they’ll be putting them in bed and breakfast accommodation for the duration.

      As for services in high-rises being run down, I’ve heard stories about this in Bristol as well. A few years ago the council made £90 million worth of cuts under Mayor Ferguson. People were already worried before then about the effect this would have on council services. For example, some of the people on an employment course I was on talked about the numbers of people you could contact if there was a problem with your flat in the city had been cut, and the difficulty of getting the council to repair the lifts.

      • joanna Says:

        Hi Beast I think I told you that I was rescued by a fireman when I was 4 years, for years I thought his name was Dennis because that was on the firetruck.
        Anyway I was badly burnt in that fire, my underwear caught fire and I have deep scars at the tops of my legs and my right hand was badly burnt, but that was negligence on my mother’s part,(she was never charged with anything to do with the fire).
        It was the family dog an Alsatian called Rebel, who led the fireman to me, I was behind the sofa. Rebel died after I was carried out, though I wasn’t told until much later. Since then I have feared fire so much so I hated bonfire night every Nov. 5.

        I only have a tiny idea as a victim of fire, my heart goes out to all the victims, and i just hope that those who perished died very very fast!! I hope I don’t sound horrible Beast I don’t want anyone to die but that was such a catastrophy, one which unfortunately the Tories will not learn from!!!

        What struck me and made me tear up is the community spirit and Jeremy Corbyn being there for people.
        Many people say What could Theresa May have said, had she met some of the victims? She might have got shouted at, that is the least to expect, but she could have given some reassurance, or maybe just listened and provided some sort of sounding board, but she and the other Tories have placed themselves so far apart from ordinary people that she couldn’t care less. She even had a smirk on her face when she talked (in private surroundings of course) about an inquiry.

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Hi Jo – I think you’ve mentioned before that you were caught in a fire. I’m sorry your dog died in it. He sounds a really great animal. We had a fire in our house when I was 27. It was during the day, and I was the only person there at the time. It turns out that the electric motor in the fridge caught fire, which is why I can well believe the stories about the fire at Grenfell House starting with an exploding fridge. Our dog also died in the fire, though mercifully from smoke inhalation. I was just glad he didn’t burn to death.

      I managed to escape by climbing out on to the roof of our extension, and fortunately one of the neighbours heard my cries for help, and phoned the fire brigade. But it was extremely frightening. I was having a lie down at the time, and notice smoke pouring out of Mike’s window – he was living at home at the time. I wondered if there was something wrong with his room, and opened my bedroom door. Everything outside was pitch black with smoke to the point where I didn’t think I’d live if I tried to walk down the stairs to get the door. So I ran to the window to stick my head out, just to get some air.

      The house was covered with soot and had to be redecorated, and various things in the kitchen had to be replaced. Fortunately the house didn’t burn down, and I was able to escape.

      But it was a terrifying experience, even in an ordinary house. I can only imagine the sheer horror the people in the block of flats must have experienced. It’s heartbreaking to hear some of the survivors stories – of people throwing their children out the windows to safety, people leaping from the top floors just to escape the fire. I do admire the people there for rallying round and helping each other, regardless of their ethnicity or religion. It showed true nobility of spirit.

      I was much less impressed with Theresa May and her comments. She and the rest of the Tories did their level best to cut health and safety regulations. I heard today that Cameron wanted to repeal half of them, on the grounds that it was strangling British business or some such utter rubbish.

      Well, they removed the legislation protecting people, and as a result people have died. And the rest of the country is rightly furious.

      • joanna Says:

        I am so happy both you And Mike got out OK, I believe there was a reason for you both to live, there is No reason for anyone to die, I just hope they didn’t suffer!

        Even today in my local Iceland when I was saying how I like JC someone shouted IRA supporter, I said in my opinion, “the only way to hope for peace is to talk, and that’s all he did! It’s the Tories who are getting in bed with the DUP, which no other party would touch with a barge pole!!!

        I don’t really remember Rebel as I was being abused so much in my first 4 years and apart from what I told you, I don’t have any memories of my first four years. I was in hospital for 5 months, only because the Social Services didn’t want to take me into care, the NSPCC forced them to do so.

        That is like what happened with Baby P, in my opinion of course. He was seen as too damaged and it would cost too much money to help him get healthy, and for the inevitable court cases that would follow

  3. joanna Says:

  4. Mal Hunt Says:

    Everything I wanted to say but much better! Tories lie like pigs in Mud before any election then cancel once they get elected! They also CHEAT the election wherever they can then lie& accuse Labour of a triviality which the Corp Media present as propaganda & subliminal messaging 2 the wary public!
    28 Tory MPs Blatantly Cheated pouring moore money then allowed and just as they were about 2b prosecuted low and brhold May called an election and allowed these Criminals to Stand!!
    Tories will not give up power or admit their guilt of Grenfell Towers lightly! Like the animals &criminals they are they will commit any crime to achieve their aims!

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