Vox Political: Don’t Let the Rain Stop You From Voting!

It’s also been raining in many parts of the country today. Mike’s clearly had it in Wales, and we’ve had some rain down here in Bristol. So just in case that stops some people from voting, Mike has put up a meme urging them to defy the weather and go and vote.

The meme says:

Could you bear
To tell your children
The Tories sold off their free healthcare
Because you couldn’t be bothered
To vote Labour

If you haven’t voted yet, get your coat on, put your umbrella up, and get down to a polling station.
It doesn’t take long but the effect could last your lifetime.


If you haven’t already, go down to the polling station, and vote Labour.

And stop the Tories from privatising the NHS.


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3 Responses to “Vox Political: Don’t Let the Rain Stop You From Voting!”

  1. joanna Says:

    I was lucky in a way, it threatened to rain but it didn’t. The way I was unlucky, is I got hopelessly lost on the way back from the polling station, instead of walking for an hour and a half, I ending up walking for 4 hours, I am in agony now but hopefully it will be worth it!!!

  2. joanna Says:

    I voted Labour of course!!!

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