Does the ‘I’ Really Believe People Hate May Because of her Gender?

On the front page of the I, the paper boasted that it had an article by novelist Philippa Gregory on the eight prejudices that have historically been levelled against women rulers.

Is this supposed to imply that opponents of Theresa May are motivated solely by sexism?

It wouldn’t surprise me. After all, the paper gave a lot of support to the various female Blairites, who claimed that voting for Jeremy Corbyn and not for his female rivals in the Labour leadership elections was very, very sexist indeed. Despite the fact that Corbyn had far better policies for women, while the Harriet Harman and Angela Eagle had all been Blairite neoliberals, who had backed the failed economic and social policies that have actively harmed women.

If this is what the newspaper intends, then I have got news for them.

May’s gender is completely irrelevant to me.

I would loathe and despair her, even if she was a bloke called Terry. Just as I despised her male predecessors, the unfunny comedy double act David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

I despise May because she has

* Cut and done everything she could to privatise the NHS, running it into the ground.

* Cut and done everything she could to privatise the education system.

* Maintained the current system of tuition fees, which are loading students with mountains of debt.

* Carried on with Cameron and Clegg’s policies of massive welfare cuts, including the Bedroom tax and the humiliating and murderous Work Capability Tests, which have thrown thousands off benefits and into misery and starvation.

* Cut the numbers of police, armed services, border guards and other services back so that Britain was left dangerously vulnerable. A policy that ultimately allowed the Manchester and London terrorists to commit their horrendous crimes.

* Lied about her intention to put British workers in the boardroom, while she’s done just about everything in her power to get rid of workers’ rights.

* Her policies have also resulted in stagnant wages and maintained high levels of unemployment, to the point where most of the people on benefit are those ‘hard-working’ folk she and the Tories have patronised with their condescending rhetoric.

* Shown that she is completely incompetent to negotiate a fair deal for Brexit, which will enable British firms and other organisations contact with the EU and access to their markets.

* Done everything in her power to support the erosion of our precious civil liberties begun by Major, Blair, Cameron and Clegg. This means the massive expansion of the surveillance state and the malignant system of secret courts, in which you may be tried without knowing the crime, the evidence against you, who your accuser is, and behind closed doors. Like Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union.

* Cut taxes for the rich, while transferring the burden to the poor. Which, incidentally, was one of the reasons behind the French Revolution.

* Repealed legislation protecting our environment, so she can sell off Britain’s forests and trash our green and pleasant land with fracking for the profit of her friends in the oil industry.

* Supported Tory policies that have, instead of drawing the peoples of our great island nation together, have instead caused even further division by supporting islamophobia, fear and resentment of immigrants, and general racial intolerance.

* Not that she’s simply worked up racial intolerance. She and the Tory press have also done their utmost to whip up prejudice against the disabled to justify cuts in their benefits. The result has been a massive increase in hate crime against people with disabilities.

* Carried on with policies which will result in the break-up of the United Kingdom after three hundred years in the case of Scotland and England, and two hundred in the case of Britain and Northern Ireland.

The ‘Celtic Fringe’ – Scotland, Wales and Ulster don’t want Brexit. The Welsh and Scots Nationalist leaders want their nations and Ulster to be part of the Brexit negotiations. And all of the Northern Irish parties want to keep the open border with Eire. But all this is in jeopardy through May’s high-handed attitude to the nations, and her determination to promote only ‘Leave’ supporters to manage Britain’s departure from the EU.

And I could probably carry with more. Much more.

This is why I despise Theresa May and want her voted out, along with the party that chose her and has done so much serious harm to this country and its people for seven years.

I therefore urge everyone to vote Labour tomorrow to get her and them thrown out.

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8 Responses to “Does the ‘I’ Really Believe People Hate May Because of her Gender?”

  1. vondreassen Says:

    Reblogged this on vondreassen and commented:
    Noooo she is just a tory who happens to be female – like Thatcher…

  2. joanna Says:

    I don’t rate Phillipa Gregory at all, I personally don’t believe anything she says!
    She believes that Anne Boleyn did in fact commit incest with her own brother and that she had the four other affairs.
    For one thing incest was a sin, but it wasn’t against the law, the other is that it is an accepted fact that Anne was innocent and the charges had to be trumped up. (Henry Vii annulled their marriage, so how could she have committed adultery)? like Gregory claims)?
    She took a lot of her so called facts from Nicholas Sander, including the sixth finger, he was only 6 years at the time of Anne’s execution, he hadn’t even met her.

    Although I think David Starkey is a bit of a snob when it comes to Henry VIII, he describes Gregory as a “Good Mills and Boon writer”

    • Beastrabban Says:

      That’s interesting, Jo. I don’t rate Philippa Gregory at all either because of her series ‘A Respectable Trade’, which was another historical drama. It was about Bristol and the Slave Trade, and got a lot of facts wrong in order to create something more dramatic. Bristol was involved in the slave trade, and it was terrible, but by the time Gregory’s drama was set – the early 19th century – Bristol’s share of the trade was waning and the town had largely been overtaken by Liverpool. Also, there was considerable opposition to the trade in Bristol itself.

      • joanna Says:

        Why do so called historians do that? Even the Tudors was full of inaccuracies, (in order to make it more interesting) Historical truth is much more dramatic sometimes than the lies!!

        It’s like William Wilberforce, yes I agree he did a great thing, but he didn’t care anything about his own constituents at all, he wouldn’t have abolished slavery himself, yet no-one else is ever mentioned, the truth would have been more interesting!

    • joanna Says:

      sorry I meant VIII not Vii oops

  3. joanna Says:

    Also another thing from your article, the surveillance state didn’t stop the terrorist attacks.

    The BBC news was depressing tonight, loads of people saying they were going to vote Tory. I absolutely cannot comprehend another 5 years of these criminals, oh and the reason the people interviewed are going to vote Tory, because May has more experience! If that is the general consensus then no wonder people aren’t given a chance to work, no experience. That is bleak!!!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      I’m the same, Jo – like you, I wonder what’s wrong with these people. But I think they’re just people, who believe everything they read in the papers, like the Scum, the Mail, the Depress, Torygraph and the Times. As for the Beeb, I think this is another example of its very pro-Tory bias. If they were all for Corbyn, they wouldn’t appear on TV at all.

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