Thoughts and Prayers for the Victims of the Suspected Terror Attack in London

This morning I, and millions of others, got up to the news that there had been another suspected terror attack in London on Vauxhall Bridge. A group of six men drove up in a van, deliberately knocking people down, before climbing out and running amok. They ran in and out of the bars stabbing people before they were finally shot by London’s finest. One of them was heard to say, ‘This is for Allah’ as he was stabbing a woman.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.
I also salute the courage and professionalism of the police as they took down these monsters. Apparently, the attackers were wearing fake bombs to deter people from retaliating.

I’ve also no doubt that the other emergency services and medical teams are giving their very best for the victims. We’ve seen the great response they made to aid the victims of the Manchester suicide bombing last Monday.

Nothing justifies such mass slaughter, and it is important to remember that these butchers are not representative of British Islam. I remember a few years ago, when one of these fanatics started stabbing people at one of the London railways stations. A young Muslim guy was heard to shout to him, ‘You ain’t no Muslim, bruv.’ It’s important to remember this, before the islamophobes and Nazis start trying to use this attack to spread their own hate.

If this is another terror attack, it’s important to realise that it’s been staged because ISIS are losing. Swathes of Syria and Iraq are being liberated from their tyranny. And so as their hold in the Middle East crumbles, they’ve taken to attacking the West directly, in order to shore up their waning inspiration of their legions.

And it’s important that Britain stay united throughout this. These thugs are seeking to promote racial and religious hatred between Muslim and non-Muslim, so that Muslims will be persecuted. They want this to occur so that it will radicalise more Muslims, who will join them in their jihad against the West.

We mustn’t let them. And I’m sure we won’t, because we’re stronger. The British people, White, Black, or brown, gay and straight, old and young, is better than that. So long as British tolerance exists, these monsters will never succeed in spreading hate and fear in this proud nation.

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2 Responses to “Thoughts and Prayers for the Victims of the Suspected Terror Attack in London”

  1. Florence Says:

    Admirable blog. I might add that one of the aims of such murderers would be to influence the election. It does not imply in any way at all that the political parties have any role at all in the events unfolding here, but the perpetrators are looking at keeping the funding flowing for the full cycle of violence. The Tories are pledged to keeping the arms trade to the middle east running at full pace, and with the USA funding too, these weapons are fuelling the terrorist wars by proxy. Those events undoubtedly put us all at risk, here and in the ME countries currently wracked by war.

    We have the opportunity to vote for a man of peace who has already been awarded the Gandhi prize for peace for his work over the last 30 years. Let us have the courage to reject violence.

    • Beastrabban Says:

      I absolutely and completely agree. I really believe that Corbyn is the only politician who can even begin to make an honest effort to undo the carnage of the last – what, 16 years now?

      It certainly isn’t going to be the Tories, with their connections to the arms trade and their panting enthusiasm for imperialism and conquest.

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