Video of Theresa May Being Booed Out of Bristol

I’ve mentioned in several pieces I’ve put up how Theresa May was given a reception she really didn’t want, when she deigned to visit a housing estate in Bristol. She was booed out of town. Mike’s put up the video in one of his posts about how May is less than popular with ordinary people around the country. Here it is, so you can see for yourself.

This shows why May does not like talking to ordinary people up and down Britain. She prefers to hide, talking to tame audiences in very stage-managed meetings, behind closed doors on private premises. Several of these meetings were ‘invitation-only’ events.

Corbyn, by contrast, is given a rapturous welcome wherever he goes, at least in England and Wales, by ordinary people, who desperately want a better, fairer society. One that gives dignity and proper rewards to all its citizens, including the disabled, the unemployed and the working people, whose Labour is the basis of the British economy, rather than the privileged few given massive tax breaks and bloated salaries by May and the neoliberal establishment.

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One Response to “Video of Theresa May Being Booed Out of Bristol”

  1. joanna Says:

    Good Morning Beastie boy!

    I found this quite interesting and thought provoking, an ordinary citizen talking about the campaign.

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