The ‘I’: Dimbleby States Media Treating Corbyn Unfairly

Also in yesterday’s I newspaper was a piece by Adam Burnett, ‘Corbyn Is Not Treated Fairly, Says Dimbleby’, in which the host of the Beeb’s Question Time attacked the media’s bias against the Labour leader and said it would be wrong to rule him out of winning the next election. The article reads

Veteran BBC host David Dimbleby has blasted the “lazy pessimism” of the media’s election coverage, saying Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has not been given a “fair deal” by the press.

The Question Time chairman, who will host the BBC’s election night coverage, said Mr Corbyn has “a lot of support in the country”, and given the “political somersaults of recent years, it would be a mistake to count Labour out.

“It’s a very odd election”, said Mr Dimbleby, speaking to the Radio Times. “The interesting thing is that a lot of Labour supporters really like and believe in the messages that Jeremy Corbyn is bringing across.

“It’s not his MPs in the House of Commons necessarily, but there is a lot of support in the country.

“And I don’t think anyone could say that Corbyn has had a fair deal at the hands of the press, in a way that the Labour party did when it was more to the centre – but then, we generally have a right-wing press.”

He added: “My own prediction is that, contrary to the scepticism and lazy pessimism of the newspapers and British media, it’s going to be a really fascinating night, and it will drive home some messages about our political system and the political appeal of different parties that no amount of polling or reading the papers will tell us.”

Of course, Question Time has also shown it’s own bias at times against Corbyn and the Labour party. And under Blair, New Labour was not a centrist party. It was, in its determination to privatise the NHS, the education system, and throw millions off welfare benefits, a right-wing party, just as the Tories are now. And the Tories in their determination to destroy the welfare state, which began in earnest under Thatcher, are far right when compared to the post-War consensus in all parties to support the NHS and welfare state, and maintain full employment.

Dimbleby’s right to attack the media’s bias against Corbyn, even if some of it seems like he’s trying to whip up interest in his own election night programme by saying that the outcome isn’t a foregone conclusion. But he’s wrong about it being ‘lazy pessimism’. It’s deliberate lies and fabrications, by a media and political class that are desperately afraid that Corbyn will succeed in undoing forty years of Thatcherism, and create a genuinely fairer and stronger Britain.

The right-wing media, including Beeb, and its paymasters come from the upper middle class, which have done very well thank you under Thatcherism. They have profited from the tax cuts and massive expansion in power and wealth achieved by grinding the other 75 per cent of the population down with increased taxation, the destruction of the welfare states, the privatisation of state industries, including the NHS, stagnant wages and zero-hours contracts. They, and the businesses they head and manage, have profited immensely from a cowed workforce, who are forced to work for poverty pay.

It is because Labour under Corbyn threatens this, that they have responded with lies and smears.

Don’t believe the media.
Vote Labour on June 8th.

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9 Responses to “The ‘I’: Dimbleby States Media Treating Corbyn Unfairly”

  1. joanna Says:

    Good for Dimbleby!! It is Never too late to develop a conscience I hope it shows tonight? The proof of the pudding is in the eating!!

    I have just found out that a fox and her cubs are attracted to my outside light and they play there every night! That is so cool! I wondered what the little noises were. I feel honoured that they feel safe enough to play there, the neighbour who told me says she often gives them food. I am leaving the light on always!!

  2. joanna Says:

    They would have to get in first! Our back gardens are gated! Even I don’t have a key.

  3. joanna Says:

    I live in a place called Garden Village in Hull, It was built as a 600 home, model village by Sir James Reckitt in 1908. It was originally built for his worker’s and was a non-profit organisation during his lifetime, he died in 1924.

    All the streets are named after trees and shrubs i.e Maple drive, Elm drive, lime tree, Acacia etc. In 1914 St Columba church was built on Laburnum Avenue it was only meant to be temporary but it too was destroyed in the blitz and rebuilt.

    It was very badly damaged in the Hull blitz but it was rebuilt in the same style as it was created.

    It is the nicest quietest place I have ever lived and I was lucky to get a place, even though it takes me 15 minutes to walk to the shops I take it slow.

    • Beastrabban Says:

      That’s really interesting, Jo. There’s something similar down here in Bristol. On the north side of the city there’s Blaise Castle, and its estate. The castle is a 19th century folly, and the estate was built to house the workers for one of the big firms then in Bristol. I think it might have been Cadbury’s, the chocolate company.

  4. joanna Says:

    I only lasted 28 minutes watching the debate! I was so sick and tired of listening to Amber Rudd trying to get cheap shots aimed at Jeremy Corbyn, Why oh why do the Tories have to resort to personal attacks!!! Especially when the attacker has nothing to substantiate such attack!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      I didn’t watch it at all, as I knew it would irritate me. I did catch the closing comments from Rudd, the Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru. And no, Rudd didn’t impress me either.

      She, and Theresa May, are resorting to ad hominem attacks because Labour’s policies are waaaaay better than the Tories, and they know it. They’ve also probably taken on board that they can’t hype up Theresa May’s personality, given that the public have seen enough of it, and are deciding in droves that they don’t like it.

      Which just leaves digs at the other guy.

      It’s tacit admission that they know May is losing.

  5. joanna Says:

    If Labour gets in I really want to study history, but I prefare from when England was called Englaland (land of the angels) to and including Mary 1.

  6. joanna Says:

    Sorry it is land of the Angles, that doesn’t make any sense to me but hey life is weird!!!!

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