Best Hopes and Prayers for the Victims of Daesh Attack in Manchester

Like everyone else, I’ve been stunned and horrified by the suicide bombing last night of a concert by Arianna Grande in Manchester. From what I gather from the news, it’s left 22 people dead and 59 injured.

Jo, one of the great commenters here, posted this on one of my other posts earlier today, which expresses my own feelings and, I’m sure, those of all the other people who read and comment on this blog. She said

I would like to offer my condolences, Hopes and Prayers to all those touched by this tragic and cowardly attack! My heart goes out to all who are suffering!

Mike over at Vox Political has also expressed his disgust at this atrocity in a piece supporting a post by the Angry Yorkshireman. Both Mike and Tom Clarke are afraid that the extreme Right will start using this attack to spread racist and Islamophic bile. From reading the great people, who have commented on Mike’s blog, it appears that the Scum’s resident troll, Katie Hopkins, and Stephen Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson, formerly of the English Defence League and Pegida UK, have already done so. As has Alt-Right ideologue and hate monger, Stefan Molyneux. Mike also mentions a Twitter thread in which one bigot recommends setting up concentration camps.

Mike states

This Site – This Writer – is horrified by the incident in Manchester and my thoughts and sympathies are with the families and friends of those who have died or who have been injured.

But the way to answer it is to share important messages that provide support, like this one:

[Here he includes a Home Office message and link to a page that will provide help for people who have been affected by this attack.]

Nobody should answer hate with hate. That is what terrorists want.

And we should not shut down our political discourse either – they want that too.

Defy them. Drown their hate-filled messages. Offer hope instead.

Terrorists commit their atrocities not just to spread fear amongst their enemies, but also to provoke the government and authorities into retaliating harshly. They hope that the government and people of Britain will attack and persecute other Muslims, as they believe that this will radicalise Britain’s Muslims in turn in a vicious cycle of hate and violence.

The best way to respond to this attack is not to let them lure or provoke any of us, whatever our religious beliefs or lack of them, into hatred. Their actions and beliefs are not supported or representative of the majority of Muslims, both in Britain and throughout the world. One of the contributors to Counterpunch, an Arab, pointed out in an article there that cleric after cleric in Muslim nations and communities across the world have issued fatwas condemning ISIS. A few years ago the biggest Muslim organisation in India issued a denunciation, supported by something like 200 members of the Islamic clergy.

As well as killing non-Muslims, Daesh have also murdered ordinary Muslims. They constitute the majority of their victims. Daesh has also done its level best to destroy Muslim shrines and erase centuries of Muslim scholarship, culture and learning, when they decide it’s not ‘Muslim’ enough for them. So we’ve seen mosques and shrines desecrated and destroyed along with Christian churches in Iraq. And a few years ago Islamist militants tried to burn down the medieval library of the west African city of Timbuktu. As well as being a fabled centre of the west African gold trade, Timbuktu was also a site of Islamic learning, and its library contained a wealth of ancient texts, including scientific books.

And it would not surprise me even remotely if many of the victims of last night’s attack were also Muslims, just gone, like the other people there, to have a good time.

I also have the deepest sympathy for Grande herself. She has stated that she feels deeply sorry for what happened. This must be a very hard blow for her, as every entertainer or performer goes out on stage hoping to give people a good time. The last thing they want is for the people who appreciate and support their music to be murdered by some fanatic.

I also have the utmost respect and praise for the doctors, nurses and emergency services, who responded so quickly and promptly to this emergency. According to the news, many people came back from their leave or days off in order to help, to the point where one hospital was turning them away.

We are so lucky to have such dedicated professionals in Britain, and it is a scandal that May and the Tories are treating them with such derision, that there are now nurses forced to use food banks.

Hope Not Hate are also compiling a message of hope, peace and tolerance on their site, which they hope people will sign. If you wish to do so, and add your own personal message to it, you can find it at

Go there and then follow the link.

Manchester’s a great city with a great people. I wish them the very best, and have every confidence that they won’t give in to the bigots and preachers of hate, whether from the British xenophobic Right or the Islamists.

We will never be divided!

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5 Responses to “Best Hopes and Prayers for the Victims of Daesh Attack in Manchester”

  1. joanna Says:

    Thank you Beast but it was Katie Hopkins who tweeted “we need a final solution” She immediately deleted it, but nothing is ever fully deleted and the harm has been done!!

    Hopefully she will be investigated, but she should also be fired from the Daily mail and she should be ordered to pay a huge fine, if only for her to be made an example of!!!

    Yes we have free speech but there should be harsh consequences for crossing the line like she definitely did being in the public eye should have it’s responsibilities!!

    My heart also goes out to Ariana Grande, she was only there to entertain, as far as I can see she was a victim as well.

    There is also another concern, as she is American, Trump is bound to react!!!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      I completely agree with you, Jo. I didn’t realise Hopkins wrote for the Daily Heil. For some reason I thought she was with the Scum. My mistake. But Hopkin’s comment about a ‘final solution’ goes well past the line.

      And I’m afraid it’s exactly what the Islamists want. Way back in the 1990s the bigots demanding Salman Rushdie’s death for the publication of ‘The Satanic Verses’ claimed that they were doing so, because the British government was planning ‘a holocaust of Muslims’. The Beeb film one of the bigots, Kalim Saddiqui, actually saying this in his mosque. Of course, it was nothing but paranoid hate mongering of the very worst sort. But it’s exactly what Islamists like ISIS want Muslims to believe. And it’s been given to them by Katie Hopkins.

  2. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast here is Trumps reaction.

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Thanks, Jo. Surprisingly, I thought Trump said the right thing. They’re doing this now, because they are losing in the Middle East, and so they need to spread fear and hate in the west. Quite apart from the fact that if you give them hate, they’ll try to feed on it. It’ll make them feel important. But being described as ‘losers’ is, hopefully, a sneer that’ll rankle.

      Amazing! I’ve actually thought the Orange Buffoon has said something wise and positive. Now watch him make the situation worse…

  3. joanna Says:

    I agree Beast it is inevitable! Though what he said was, for him balanced and heartfelt, but then I think he at least had an Idea of what he was expected to say.

    Katie Hopkins works for Heil online, she is being investigated by the police, and no doubt she has lost a lot of friends, if indeed she had any. I do find that very sad even for her, if that is the case I feel a little sorry for her and her family because they will no doubt feel the backlash. I don’t think she will ever come back from this no matter how thick her skin is!

    These messages from other musicians is heart warming!!!

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