Theresa May Plans to Stop Children Having Free School Meals

Along with her other vile policies – like ending her promise not to raise VAT, taxes and national insurance, ending the triple lock on pensions, bringing back fox hunting, opening more grammar schools, May also wants to end free school meals for infants.

Maggie Thatcher tried something similar way back in the 1970s. She wanted to end free school milk as Heath’s education secretary. This earned her the soubriquet ‘Maggie Thatcher, the Milk Snatcher’. Mike in one of his articles on her vile policies has posted a very nice gif from EL4C, which shows a picture of Maggie with that chant, followed by May and the slogan ‘Theresa May takes your lunch away’.

Historians of the ’70s have argued that Thatcher’s stopping of free school milk was, in itself, a minor issue, which became a political battleground because people were fed up with the Tories generally.

But the stopping of free school meals for infants is a very different story.

We now have a society in which a hundred thousand people or more have been forced through Tory welfare cuts to use food banks. According to statistics, seven million people life in ‘food insecure’ households. Which means that they don’t know if they’re going to have enough to eat tomorrow.

Mothers are starving themselves in order to give food to their children.

This isn’t scaremongering by the ‘cultural Marxist left-wing media’. And people don’t go to food banks, ’cause it’s free food, as spouted by Tory liars like Edwina Currie.

It’s documented fact.

This will make the situation worse. It will mean more children going to school hungry, where they won’t be able to learn because of the hunger pangs. And if they can’t learn, they can’t pass exams, and so won’t get a proper, paying job. If any are still around after they’ve all been either automated away or outsourced.

And so we’ll go back to the 19th century, when there was real famine and malnutrition amongst the Labour poor.

This is what the Tories want. This is what May intends to give the ‘hard working people’ her party claims to be defending.

All to give her friends and paymasters in big business more tax breaks, and a cowed labour force so desperate they’ll work for literal starvation wages.

Don’t put up with it.

Kick and them out.

Vote Labour June 8th.

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4 Responses to “Theresa May Plans to Stop Children Having Free School Meals”

  1. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast, even if children do get breakfast (which should not be school’s responsibility) that is isn’t enough to see a child through the day! What about vegetables which are essential to small children, you don’t include those as part of breakfast, also what about schools who are cost cutting and do breakfast on the cheap, which usually means cheap sugary cereals that have next to no nutritional value!!

    This alone should lose May the election, but I no longer have any faith in the British public, as regards to elections no matter how much suffering goes on. If Tories are voted back in, then I will lose all hope,!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Really good point, and I also share your concerns about the judgement of the British public. But let’s not lose hope just yet. The polls are notoriously unreliable, and specially crafted to show that the Tories are doing much better than they probably are.

      • joanna Says:

        Thank you Beast!!

        I have had thought (Dangerous)Lol!!!

        What if Labour gave all school children up to the age of 13yrs milk? They could devise a contract with the dairies themselves,bypassing the big supermarkets, therefore the milk would be excellent quality and a lot cheaper because it is coming from the point of origin.
        This would give dairies the much needed financing which they might lose from brexit. If that works then maybe it could expanded to the NHS and prisons, which all need fresh food at competitive prices!
        I’m probably totally wrong in my thinking but at least thinking out solutions keeps my mind from the dark side, that being said please if I am wrong I Would like your opinion because how else would I learn!

      • Beastrabban Says:

        Interesting idea, Jo. I’m afraid I really can’t comment on it, as I don’t know how the NHS, schools and prisons source their food. But you’re right about the power of the big supermarkets. Something does need to be done to break that, and give the farmers and real suppliers the proper price for their products.

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