Tory Troubles at the Polls

After being foully slandered in turn for his defence of those falsely accused of anti-Semitism by the Blairites and Israel lobby, I’m very glad to say that Mike is back bashing the Tories. And he’s on form. On Thursday he published a piece commenting on the finding by Tory-owned polling company, YouGov, that the Conservative’s lead ahead of Labour had gone down by a massive eight points in one week. Instead of 24 points, they were now down to 16. And as Mike pointed out, there was time to whittle that down to zero in the weeks before the election.


The I newspaper also carried a piece reporting that, while the Tories were in the lead overall, Labour was far more popular with young people. Which I can well believe. It’s the pattern you find in America with Bernie Sanders. The younger generations haven’t been filled with the same fear of Communism, which has been used by the corporatists to crush any kind of initiatives for change and social justice. They’ve also been hit hard by the neoliberal assault on workers’ rights and what little there is of a welfare state in America to give more profits and power to the big corporations. Just as they have over here. In both Britain and America they’re facing a harder, poorer future, with lower quality of life and a shorter life expectancy than their parents. And so it’s natural that they start reviving the radical tradition in British and American politics, which was derailed by the election of Thatcher and Reagan.

I don’t entirely trust the polls. As Guy Debord’s Cat has pointed out, they’re there not to model the public’s mood accurately, but to influence election results. They’re carefully manufactured and shaped by the polling companies and the media to give the results they want – which is nearly always that progressive, genuinely liberal social policies are unpopular, and you should wholeheartedly support the latest right-wing attack on the poor if you don’t want to be a loser. But is it great to see those same polls showing that the Tories are also in a bit of trouble.

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10 Responses to “Tory Troubles at the Polls”

  1. Tory Troubles at the Polls | Beastrabban’s Weblog | sdbast Says:

    […] […]

  2. Ulysses Says:

    Have you got a link toThe Cat’s take on the polls, Beast?

  3. Mark Catlin Says:

    Reblogged this on Declaration Of Opinion.

  4. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast. I have a theory that no one seems to take any notice of, but I think the Tories Want to to lose this snap election, because they won’t have to do any of the hard work on Brexit, also JC has more friends in Europe who will work with him. They also think that JC will not be able sort out all the problems caused as well as working on Brexit. When the next election comes around the Tories can get on with fleecing the country without any worries because the Brexit distraction would be over!

    The Tory scumbags have also taken from me now! There was an education group I went to every Thursday for 10 yrs, I worked voluntary for the group and fought for it a couple of times when it was threatened, now it is over because “it isn’t cost effective”. I am now expected to work voluntary elsewhere, I have already tried all the charity shops where I live, but they use “workfare” and they have enough.

    I have nothing left anymore, I don’t have any family I only have one friend (the only one who hasn’t tried to hurt me), It isn’t easy for me to move on, I have PTSD and clinical depression, I don’t drink alcohol or take any illegal substances, so there is no hope of oblivion there.
    I don’t know how to hang on anymore

    • Ulysses Says:

      Youre not the only person with that theory. Joanna, just look at how May is going about electioneering, and Boris Buffoon with the personal slurs

    • Beastrabban Says:

      I can see the logic in that, Joanna. I think someone else made that point before, back when the country was being governed by John ‘the Grey Man’ Major. I think there was a theory then that Tories were trying to lose the election in the hope of saddling Labour with a disaster they’d created.

      I’m sorry you’re having problems finding suitable voluntary work. You’ve told me about it before, and friends of mine in Bristol have also had problems with it years ago, so you’re certainly not the only person this has happened to. As for the problems with your mental health, a friend of mine has also now been diagnosed with PTSD, and the rates of depression under this government are soaring.

      You’re also a valued person in this community, Jo. Your comments are always interesting, and I’ve been impressed by your dedication to helping others. So hang in there, kid, and don’t let the b*ggers grind you down. You still matter to us.

      • joanna Says:

        Thank you Beast you have made me smile loads especially calling me kid! I have one difficult day coming up but then I don’t know, I’m trying not to think that far ahead. I am going to keep this article and look back on it when I need to to feel better. The person who ran the group has said things might be better in 6 months time. If we get Jeremy as PM everything might start looking up.

        This snap Election was such a shock it has even dwarfed Hull being the city of culture.

        All I know at this moment, is that if I can do anything for the organisation to help, I would do anything, legally or morally of course, and I have told them as much, because they have not only supported me, they have been like a family I have never had and most of they made me feel accepted!!!

        Thank you again beast and thank you to your other readers who have given me support and kind comments!!

      • Beastrabban Says:

        Our pleasure, Jo. And very good luck to you and everyone else out there. We need it.

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