Star Trek Spoof: Kirk Takes Dodgy Pills Prescribed by McCoy

This is hilarious. It’s a fan spoof from YouTube, which presents itself as a trailer for a missing episode. It isn’t, of course, but it’s still fun. Kirk has been given some red pills by Dr McCoy, which are causing him to see some very strange things indeed, to the concern of Mr Spock.

Of course, you know when you’re a Trekker when you’re able to name, or at least describe, the episodes from which the various figures and the main clip of Kirk, Spock and McCoy were taken.


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2 Responses to “Star Trek Spoof: Kirk Takes Dodgy Pills Prescribed by McCoy”

  1. ashiftinconsciousness Says:

    I’m still a big fan of Star Trek TOS.

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Same here. There’s a lot about the original series that I miss, including the theme tune. The attitude to space exploration has also changed, I’ve noticed, since the days of Classic Trek. When Kirk and co first ventured out into space, it was eerie. The same kind of sensibility is there in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, when you see the humans on the Moon walk up to the Monolith, with the weird, wailing chorus by Ligeti. That sense of otherworldliness is missing from much contemporary SF.

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