Trump to Criminalise and Take Benefits from Legal Immigrants

This is yet more anti-immigrant legislation from the orange Nazi. And this time, it’s not just about criminalising and deporting illegal immigrants, it’s about taking benefits and criminalising those, who have come to America perfectly legally and built lives and businesses there.

In this video from TYT Nation, Jeff Waldorf discusses Trump’s travel ban on immigrants from seven, Muslim majority countries. But he points out that one of the Muslim countries not on the list is Saudi Arabia, which is a major exporter of Islamist terrorism. 14 of the 19 hijackers in 9/11 were Saudis. But Saudis aren’t banned, because America has extensive trade links with that country. He’s also horrified that 49 per cent of Americans actually agree with the ban on Muslim immigration.

Trump is also amending current covering the various state benefits, which may be taken into account in determining whether an immigrant should be allowed to stay in the country. At the moment, the Department of Homeland Security may have an immigrant deported if they are considered to be likely to rely on welfare for their main subsistence. At the moment, the only benefits that can be taken into account are those involving money payments. They do not include food stamps or medicare. But Trump wants to change the law so that those are taken into account too.

Trump also wants to have legal immigrants holding valid visas deported if they use benefits beyond a certain level. And as well as the immigrant being deported, the person responsible for sponsoring them would be required to pay back the benefits paid to the deported immigrant. Legal immigrants would also be prevented from claiming child tax credit, even if the child was an American citizens. Waldorf calls this exactly what it is: birthright citizenship.

He also wants to begin compiling and publishing statistics on how much is spent on welfare benefits to immigrants, and compare this with what could be spent on America’s poor in the inner cities. As Waldorf makes very clear, this is disgusting. It’s pitting one group of poor against another in the oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer.

Trump is also planning an executive order designed to curb the ‘jobs magnet’ to America. This piece of legislation will allow the deportation of any foreign-born visa holder and cancel the workplace provisions if they are found to be against the national interest. Trump is also considering compiling statistics of naturalised Americans, who are doing jobs that could otherwise be done by ‘native’ American citizens. Waldorf states that this means that even if you have immigrated to America perfectly legally, you are still counted as someone, who has taken the job of a ‘real’ American.

He is particularly angry as this affects his family. His wife’s grandfather is a naturalised American. He’s actually Dutch. The man is very Conservative, and watched Fox News. Yet nevertheless, according to this new piece of legislation, he is not a real American. Waldorf also reminds his viewers how many immigrants have actually built and created jobs in the Middle East, like Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, whose father was Syrian.

Waldorf states that this is how Fascism starts. It has, in his view, the fingerprints of Steve Bannon, the White supremacist CEO of Breitbart and one of the Trump’s closest advisors, all over it. This Trump’s racist attitude to immigration. Only those ‘real’ Americans born in the country and White should have jobs, benefits and citizenship. No-one else. And Waldorf also states that the people causing poverty and sucking up the wealth are the top 1 per cent, the super-rich. However, they want to distract Americans from this by hating the people just below them.

I realise that many of you will probably be getting heartily sick of all this coverage of Trump and his vile maladministration. But this stuff doesn’t just affect Americans. Mike’s carried stories about how the Tories and the Kippers over here want to pass legislation preventing immigrants from claiming benefits or using the NHS. If Trump passes this in the US, it will encourage them to do so the same over here. Quite apart from rags like the Daily Heil regularly running headlines about immigrants overrunning the welfare state, when in fact the benefits system and NHS is in crisis because of deliberate Tory funding cuts and privatisation.

A few days ago I put up a piece about the Economist Intelligence Unit reporting that Trump combined with far right European politicians could be a real menace to democracy. This is absolutely right. It’s shown by the strong parallels between this proposed legislation, and that of the Tories and Kippers. If Trump succeeds, he will empower racists and racist movements throughout the West. He must be stopped.

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9 Responses to “Trump to Criminalise and Take Benefits from Legal Immigrants”

  1. joanna Says:

    If JC gets voted in, in 2020 he will have to work with trump! If I were Jeremy, I would be squeamish at the though of even shaking hands, because trump is a dirty scumbag racist, albeit in a nice suit, but clothes can’t hide the despicable Hitler wannabe that he is!!! He makes me feel ashamed of being part of the human race!!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      I think Trump has that effect on a lot of people, and I’ve no doubt that if Jeremy Corbyn does get elected and have to work with Trump, it will be a strained relationship.

  2. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast have you seen this?

    • Beastrabban Says:

      I hadn’t – thanks for this, Jo! We are in so much trouble with this moron as president. I thought George Dubya was bad, as he’d been an illiterate drunk off his trolley on drugs, but he’d actually recovered, cleaned himself up and started reading. And even before it was known that Ronald Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s, he had a reputation for being thick. But now it seems Trump is illiterate, and can’t and won’t read some of the orders and reports he’s supposed to sign.

      How on Earth did he become president of the US? Oh wait, it was because he’s got a lot of money and everyone hated Hillary. And the bizarre institution of the electoral college. He’s got to go, before he starts a major war by mistake.

  3. joanna Says:

    Worse than that Beast! The Young Turks have characterized him as a spoiled child with his finger near the button, Scary!!

    And the wall he wants to build, won’t be don because it would throw all America into an economic nightmare! A lot of food in America is from Mexico! Also the wall would go right through California.
    This video is hilarious but it explains it great

    It is called “Adam ruins everything”.

  4. joanna Says:

    sorry wrong one

  5. Monkey Says:

    I’m new here. Where do I find Mike’s posts?

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