Massachusetts Attorney General Attacks Trump’s Muslim Ban

After Governor Inslee and the attorney general of the state of Washington launched their attack on Trump’s Muslim ban, Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Maura Healey, the state attorney general there, have also launched their appeal to block the ban. They are joining an action from the Massachusetts branch of the ACLU, as well as representing the University of Massachusetts, who saw two of their professors temporarily held over the weekend due to the ban. Attorney General Healey states that she and her colleagues have reviewed the legislation, and found it harmful, racist and unconstitutional. And just as Governor Inslee and the attorney general there believed that the Muslim ban was economically harmful to their state, so Healey is expected to argue that the detention of leading researchers and business experts will also damage the state’s economy.

This makes you wonder if any other states are going to come forward to challenge the ban, just as ordinary Americans have been doing at demonstrations across their nation.

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2 Responses to “Massachusetts Attorney General Attacks Trump’s Muslim Ban”

  1. calensariel Says:

    It does make one wonder what we’re made of here…

    • Beastrabban Says:

      I don’t think you need to speculate very far to guess the reason why May isn’t going to criticise Trump. My guess is that part of it’s the ‘special relationship’ in which we try to hang on to whatever vestiges remain of our former status as a world power by closely supporting whatever the Americans do.

      Plus there’s the fact that large sections of the Tory party have pretty much the same view of Muslims and immigrants generally as Trump. If May adopted a similar policy over here, I can see it being easily very loudly applauded by the Scum, the Heil and the Express.

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