Trump Officially Declared Major Threat to Human Rights

In this piece from the David Pakman show, the presenter discusses an announcement by the respected human rights organisation, Human Rights Watch, that Trump’s government and the rise of the far Right in Europe represent a major attack on human rights. The organisation publishes yearly reports on the state of human rights in 90 countries. In this year’s report, they list the threats and attacks Trump poses to human rights. These are

* Deportation of immigrants
* Curtailment of women’s rights
* Threats to media freedom
* Threats to going back to using torture
* Threats to kill the families of terrorists
* Threats to invade countries to extort oil
* Confusion about why nuking Europe would be bad.

The report notes that the combination of Donald Trump’s administration and certain far Right European politicians would lead to tyranny.

Pakman and his staff state very clearly that Trump is a demonstrable threat to human rights, because of his mockery of a disabled reporter, the family of a Muslim soldier, who fell doing his duty to America, and his jokes about sexually assaulting women. They also discuss Trump’s plans for a Muslim registry, and make it clear that they think that it isn’t just a case that Trump merely said all his illiberal nonsense just to get votes. At some level, he really believes it.

Considering that Trump has passed his ban on Muslim’s entering the US, I think it’s very clear that the Orange Duce believes all his vile, racist and misogynist policies. As one senior right-wing statesman said of Adolf Hitler, ‘This man is dangerous. He believes his own propaganda’.

Trump is a threat to human freedom. And as Pakman and his producers show, their only defence against this will be to make ludicrous counter-accusations about how it’s all biased ‘fake news’, written by the paid hacks of George Soros or some other multi-millionaire with liberal, or ‘liberal’ views, who haunts the right-wing imagination like a Bond villain. But this won’t stop increasing numbers of people across the world from rising up to oppose him.

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5 Responses to “Trump Officially Declared Major Threat to Human Rights”

  1. joanna Says:

    He is going to start a third world war!!!
    He has already stated his contempt for the royal family here, by saying that he will erupt if prince Charles dares to lecture him on the climate. Someone needs to take this Adolph Hitler 11 out and I don’t mean for dinner!!!

    I don’t normally advocate violence, but we are talking about a being that could potentially be worse than Hitler ever was! He has all the trademarks of a lethal leader, a carbon copy of Hitler, these being a narcissistic personality and paranoia.

    Fortunately I can’t seem to care enough to be scared, I’m always scared of living and of the future as it is, without worrying about the Oompah loompah wannabe!!!

    • beastrabban Says:

      I saw that piece of news about him threatening to lose his temper, should Prince Charles lecture him on climate change over at Mike’s site. The fact that he can’t keep his temper when meeting foreign heads of state really does make him a threat to world peace. I don’t think he’s personally as bad as Adolf Hitler. Trump stands for deporting immigrants, not murdering them – although his followers on the extreme Right, like Richard Spencer, certainly do. My guess is that he probably won’t last long enough in power to be really dangerous. Already, people all over the world are uniting to find a way to turf the obnoxious little so-and-so out.

  2. joanna Says:

    I just saw this Awesome!!

  3. sdbast Says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

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