Westminster Council Goes 16th Century on the Homeless

Mike also put up a post yesterday reporting that Westminster council has decided on another authoritarian way of dealing with homelessness. They’re going to round them up and send them to other councils outside the borough from January 30th. The council’s excuse for this disgraceful policy is that it’s to combat the high cost of temporary accommodation. Mike points out that the reality is that it’s simply more social cleansing from a Tory-run council, whose leaders want to take as much as possible for themselves while giving little to others. Mike also makes the point that the real way to tackle homelessness is to make sure people are able to keep their homes, and states that it’s a miracle that anyone is there to do the cooking, cleaning and other menial work for the borough’s rich electors.

He concludes

This is truly disgusting behaviour by some of the most vile dregs of humanity, all dressed up as respectable people in the same way their activities are decorated with a veneer of respectability.

Scratch it and see the corruption.

See: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2017/01/14/homeless-people-are-to-be-hidden-not-helped-according-to-britains-most-tory-council/

Johnny Void has been covering policies like this for a very long time. He has a particular interest in homelessness, and has put up countless posts about how Tory policies, and those of New Labour, actually create homelessness and make life worse for homeless people. He has also covered the social cleansing policies of the various councils in London and elsewhere, whose solution to the problem of rough sleepers is to make sure they are not seen on the streets, and so drive them out of town centres or the area altogether. This is part of the same mindset that seems very happy with putting house prices well out of the ability of working people to afford them, forcing them to commute from the poorer boroughs where they live into the exorbitantly expensive areas where they work further into London.

And the council has plenty of previous in its exploitative and abysmal treatment of its poorer residents. In the 1980s or ’90s there was the ‘homes for votes’ scandal, in which the council leaders, Dame Shirley Porter, and her minions deliberately put working class, Labour voters in sub-standard property with dangerous levels of asbestos as part of a strategy to engineer a cosy victory for the Tories.

Thatcher famously used to bang on about ‘Victorian values’, by which she meant making welfare as uncomfortable and difficult for the poor as possible, in order to deter them from using. Like the architects of the workhouse. This policy, however, goes further back.

Right back to the 16th century.

It’s a return of the old Elizabethan legislation in which the homeless in search of work were, unless they had a permit, to be whipped and sent out of the borough. Except that they haven’t got round to flogging them yet. However, as Mike put up a couple of posts just before Christmas of incidents where people thought that beating and urinating on the homeless and their bedding was a great joke, this probably won’t be long.

This shows the disgusting medieval attitude of the rich lords and ladies of Westminster council, and how they view us serfs, even if we are fortunate enough not to have to live on the streets.

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4 Responses to “Westminster Council Goes 16th Century on the Homeless”

  1. vondreassen Says:

    Why are the Councillors etc not named and shamed by the ‘media’ WHY are such proposals revealed so vaguely – why do journalist never get TO question the INDIVIDUALS responsible ????
    What is the point of stating ‘Westminster Council’ – why are they allowed to remain ‘invisible’ ????

    DO WE LIVE IN AN OPEN democracy OR WHAT ????

    • beastrabban Says:

      I wish I knew, Vondreassen, as this is a very good point. I’ve also wondered the same thing myself when the newspapers report that ‘ministers’ – unnamed – are considering something monstrous.

    • Florence Says:

      I think the cowards hide behind “cabinet” decisions in local authorities. The cliques that form these cabinets award themselves high pay and perks behind closed doors, and pretend its Democratic. In my LA the leader was awarded over £300,000 in pay and a lotus sports car on hire, which his son used. He was dislodged eventually leaving one of the worst performing authorities in the UK. Our county is a byword across the EU for corruption and poor service, in addition to being the poorest county in the UK and the northern EU states.. Yet ppl here are wedded to voting against their own interests. Go figure.

  2. Westminster Council goes 16th Century on the homeless | Benefit tales Says:

    […] via Westminster Council Goes 16th Century on the Homeless — Beastrabban’s Weblog […]

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