American Psychiatrists Fear Trump Mentally Ill, Unsuited for Presidency

They aren’t the only one, and this is serious.

In this video from The Young Turks, The Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins reports that three professors of psychiatry, one from Harvard, the other two from the University of California San Francisco, have written a letter to Barack Obama requesting that he step in and force Trump to take a psychiatric examination. They are concerned that he suffers from psychological defects that render him not just unsuitable, but actually too dangerous to be given the job of president. They believe that Trump’s grandiosity, his impetuousness, the way he takes offence and responds aggressive at even the mildest criticism point to mental illness. He may just suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, perhaps something rather more serious than that, or perhaps even be a full-blown sociopath. Cousins states that it could just be affluenza. Trump comes from an extremely wealthy background, and has been given everything he wanted, including now the presidency. But it looks more serious than this.

This makes Trump extremely dangerous. He cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes, nor control of the drone programme, which he could use to strike down his opponents. Cousins states that the US constitution provides for presidents to be removed or impeached if they are unfit for their office. And mental illness would certainly come under those conditions disqualifying a president from taking office on fitness grounds. Cousins believes it is unfortunately too early at this stage to use this to prevent Trump gaining office. But he recommends that letter should be saved and stored, and that once Trump is in the White House, it should be taken out and acted upon.

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9 Responses to “American Psychiatrists Fear Trump Mentally Ill, Unsuited for Presidency”

  1. 61chrissterry Says:

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    They could be right for does any sane person conduct themselves as Trump does. If they do not act soon it may be too late.

  2. maxwell1957 Says:

    Take some time out and go over to YouTube and watch some episodes from the game ” Mafia 3 “. Especially the episode where the Riverboat is disabled. Some say that art imitates life…this game seems to fit the bill quite nicely… .

  3. American Psychiatrists Fear Trump Mentally Ill, Unsuited for Presidency — Beastrabban’s Weblog | Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco Says:

    […] via American Psychiatrists Fear Trump Mentally Ill, Unsuited for Presidency — Beastrabban’s Web… […]

  4. vondreassen Says:

    Beats me why any intelligent person could NOT see Trump as a boring typical psychopathic;

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think it’s because he’s part of the cult of the successful businessman. Since Reagan and the New Right emerged in the 1980s there’s been a movement that celebrates rich businessmen as being far more effective politically than ordinary politicians. Libertarianism, which tries to remove all government in favour of having everything run by private industry, is the most extreme aspect of this. Trump’s ego, his vindictiveness and his sheer duplicity in running frauds like Trump University, are simply seen by his supporters as Trump being a smart, decisive businessman. The Young Turks used to make a point of trying to disabuse his supporters of this by showing that he wasn’t being a good businessman, he was simply being another rip-off scam artist, whose next mark would be them. I think a lot of people like him for the same reason some people admired Reagan, Blair and Berlusconi, despite their flagrant lying and deceit. Or rather, because of it. They like the idea of their politico getting away with their crimes, no matter how hard the opposition tried to stop them and call them to some kind of account. Hence the celebration of Reagan as the ‘Teflon President’ and Blair as ‘Teflon Tony’.

  5. Julian Says:

    I think Hillary is a psychopath too. E.g. her laughing at the death of Qadhaffi. So I am not sure this “diagnosis by distance” works

    • beastrabban Says:

      I’m not sure how scientific it is either, though I do think Trump has personality flaws which are going to make him a dangerous president. But I entirely take your point about Hillary. She’s a bloodthirsty hawk, who in my view completely deserves the title one political biographer gave her ‘Queen of Chaos’. There are also stories flying about that she personally has a vile temper and takes out her rage on the people around her. I can believe that too, though as many of these come from Alex Jones, the Infowars conspiracy theorist, they’re probably not the most reliable pieces of information.

  6. twoifbycharm Says:

    This is dead on. I have done some writing on this topic, and several doctors have weighed in favorably on it. Trump exhibits the characteristics of a narcissistic sociopath. Please take a look at my report and decide for yourself. This is a dangerous situation. B. Ashley

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