BBC 2 Show Tonight Attacking Trump’s Conspiracy Theories

BBC 2 at 9.00 pm this evening, 3rd November 2016, are screening a documentary criticising and refuting the daft conspiracy theories the orange Nazi believes in. It’s entitled Conspiracy Files: The Trump Dossier, and the entry for it in the Radio Times runs

With the US presidential election just a few days away, this documentary explores how Donald Trump has made use of conspiracy theories to further his campaign. Should he lose the election, many believe he will cite a collusion between the media and the establishment, but he has also given credence to the “birther” conspiracy theory about Barack Obama – a claim he has since disowned – and made insinuations about the Clintons’ political careers and Ted Cruz’s father. (p.112).

There’s another brief description of the show on the previous page, 111. This states

The occasional series that does admirable work dismantling rusty conspiracy theories finds a basement full of them in Trump Towers.

Donald Trump has stoked paranoia among his more extreme followers, publicly repeating claims that Barack Obama was ineligible to be president because he had faked his birth certificate – the notorious “birther” conspiracy was at one stage believed by 60 per cent of Trump voters.

Most shamefully, he claims the current elections are being rigged, which is why he might lose. These and other theories are given longer shrift than they deserve – in order to be blown apart.


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3 Responses to “BBC 2 Show Tonight Attacking Trump’s Conspiracy Theories”

  1. loobitzh Says:

    Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    This appears to be a last ditch Propaganda effort, likely lead from the Clintons in some form as a counter attack, in order to distract the British Public from the events opening up in the US over the Clinton/Obama scandal.

    They appear to be doing the old trick of linking factual conspiracies with junk stuff in order to make the propaganda more convincing.

    The US election is Rigged. Thats becoming indisputable with all the Wikileaks stuff which has been supplied to Wikileaks by US security departments who wish to expose the corruption and deceit of the Clinton Kabul who are intent on destroying the US democracy from the inside.

  2. jeffrey davies Says:

    hmm but both him and her are devils on disguise how have we got to this were both parties are evil people hmm

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Good question, Jeffrey, and a lot of commenters have been pondering this. It’s the result of decades of corporate corruption, where the Democrats have become the Republicans, and the Republicans have become the party of racist lunatics. Well, more overtly racist and bonkers than they were before.

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