Jeremy Corbyn’s Speech on Winning the Labour Leadership Election in Counterpunch

Counterpunch have put up the text of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on winning the leadership elections in the Labour party last week. He thanks his aids and supporters, and pays due tribute to Owen Smith and his supporters as well. He states that the Labour party should now unite, as its members have more in common than the issues that divide them. He remarks that the party now has half a million members, and is the biggest party in Western Europe. He also states clearly that the Labour party has a duty of care to its members, and that the abuse should now stop. He also goes on to urge the party to take its message to all the community’s in Britain to attack the devastating Tory policies that have done so much damage to the nation. He says

Theresa May’s government isn’t a new government. It’s David Cameron’s government with a hard right edge, repacked with progressive slogans, but threatening to take the country backwards and dithering as we face the historic challenges of Brexit.

So, if you believe that education is better than segregation; that we need an NHS that isn’t threatened with breakdown and loaded with debt; that older people deserve dignity and care they need in their own home; that we have a duty as a country to refugees and promote peace, rather than conflict; if like me, you believe that it’s a scandal that here in Britain, the sixth largest economy in the world, four million children are in poverty, six million workers are paid less than the living wage; and if like me, you believe we can do things far better, then help us build support for a genuine alternative that would invest in our future.

A more prosperous future, in which the wealth we all create is shared more equally.

Together, arguing for the real change this country needs, I’ve no doubt that this party can win the next general election, whenever the Prime Minister calls it, and form the next government.

Exactly. Which is why I’m glad Mr Corbyn has won the election. And it’s why the establishment has tried and is still trying very hard to convince the public otherwise.

The speech can be read at:

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