Congratulations, Jeremy Corbyn!

This is just to express my congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn on his victory in the Labour leadership contest. Hopefully, this will place the Labour party on track as a party that genuinely stands for working people, the poor, the disabled and the unemployed, instead of what the Blairites want it to be: another Tory party. Now the leadership contest is over, the Labour rebels should stop trying to undermine him, and start working to overturn the Tories and their vile privatisation of the NHS, the dismantlement of the welfare state, and their attempts to destroy the unions utterly.

Despite all the constant propaganda from Corbyn’s opponents within the party, in the Tories and the media that he was ‘unelectable’, events have shown that he is eminently popular. Mike posted a piece last night about how his victory meant people were joining the party. And the fact that a few weeks ago, despite all the negative publicity, he shot up to be only one point behind Theresa May indicates that he very much has a chance of winning against the Tories. And this despite the massive media campaign and the constant attacks by the Blairites.


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