Raymond Tallis in ‘I’ Newspaper Attacks Jeremy Hunt and Privatisation of the NHS

Raymond Tallis, the neurologist and Humanist writer, is in today’s I newspaper. They’ve published an extract from his recent book on God and the NHS, in which he attacks Jeremy Hunt and the government’s ongoing privatisation of the NHS. I’ve only just skimmed it, but he notes how Hunt declared his support for the NHS’ privatisation and replacement with an insurance-based system, like America, way back in his 2005 book on democracy. He also discusses Hunt’s own career as a millionaire businessman, who after making his money decided he’d quite like to go into politics, and the actual way Cameron and the Tories have gone about privatising the NHS, while lying about doing so.

Tallis is one of the editors of the book NHS-SOS, which describes the way the NHS has been privatised by successive governments, including Tony Blair’s New Labour, which laid the foundations for the current government’s programme of breaking it up ready for privatisation.

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2 Responses to “Raymond Tallis in ‘I’ Newspaper Attacks Jeremy Hunt and Privatisation of the NHS”

  1. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    tony bloody blair again bombs countries causes vast killings in his own country through his wca and selling the nhs off oh how proud he must feel of his trickery selling the poor down the river

  2. joyce brand Says:

    In this one brief article Raymond Tallis has done more to alert us to what is going on in the Health Service and why than any other commentator I have read, be it Guardian, New Statesman or any other seemingly left leaning journal

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