SNP’s Mary Black’s Arguments against Trident

This is another excellent short video I found on YouTube, this time of the SNP’s Mhairi Black arguing against Trident in parliament. She rebuts the claim that the SNP are against it for purely idealistic reasons. She instead argues that there’s no point to having Trident, as Britain has a policy of not being the first to use nuclear weapons. If Britain is not the first to use them, then it means that everyone’s dead anyway from the enemy’s strike against us. She states clearly that she isn’t worried about our weapons heading towards the enemy, but towards the missiles heading towards us. She also states that the three major threats to Britain, according to the security authorities, are: 1) international terrorism; 2) climate change, and 3) cybercrime. The video concludes with her asking what terrorist attacks our possession of nuclear weapons has deterred?

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2 Responses to “SNP’s Mary Black’s Arguments against Trident”

  1. Blissex Says:

    The UK has a first-use policy for nuclear weapons:

    «The UK is prepared to use nuclear weapons against rogue states such as Iraq if they ever used “weapons of mass destruction” against British troops in the field, defence secretary Geoff Hoon has told MPs.
    Mr Hoon said he was not certain Britain’s nuclear arsenal would deter a first strike from a state willing to sacrifice its own people to make a “gesture”.»

    That also mirrors long standing NATO policy.

    The best argument against Trident is that is is very poor value for money. Also T Blair in his book also wrote that it was inconceivable that the UK would use nuclear weapons before the USA did, and then there was no point in having them.

    But there is a large section of the UK electorate that thinks “Britannia rules the waves” about such issues.

  2. 61chrissterry Says:

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