Vox Political: Jeremy Corbyn Warns Suspensions May Be Bringing Labour into Disrepute

Mike also put up another article, which shows that Jeremy Corbyn has taken notice of the attempts to suspend people without giving them a specific reason, and has warned the leadership of the harmful consequences this may have on the party’s reputation, and for those, who are personally responsible for the suspensions. The Guardian published an article stating that Corbyn had written to Iain McNicol, the Labour party general secretary, warning that the suspensions are damaging the party’s reputation. He has called on the party secretary and his staff to uphold the principles of natural justice advocated by Shami Chakrabarti in her report on anti-Semitism and racism in the party. She recommended that suspended members should be given a timeline in which their case would be dealt with, and should be told who their accuser is and the reasons for their suspension. The Labour leader has called for a meeting of the party’s equalities committee to discuss in early September before the conclusion of the leadership contest.

Mike concludes that Corbyn’s message appears to be a not very coded warning that if they continue to damage the party’s reputation in this way, they themselves may find themselves suspended.

Corbyn warns ‘suspension without explanation’ is bringing Labour Party officers into disrepute

Of course, Corbyn and Chakrabarti are entirely correct. It is simple, natural justice that anyone accused of an offence should be told what it is, given an opportunity to defend themselves, and know who their accuser is. It is precisely the fact that so many of the people, who have been suspended by the Blairites haven’t been told the reasons for their suspension, or the identity of those making the complaint, nor given the opportunity to refute the allegation. I’ve stated before that this turns the whole process into a Stalinist, Kafkaesque travesty. Those who are guilty of running this kangaroo court should themselves be challenged, and face the consequences themselves of their actions in destroying the party’s own culture of democracy, its reputation, and that of their colleagues.

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