JImmy Dore: CNN Journalist Admits to Bad Journalism at CNN

This is a fascinating admission of sheer bad journalism from CNN’s Brian Stetler. In this video, the American comedian and occasional guest on The Young Turks, Jimmy Dore, comments on an interview CNN journalist Brian Stetler with Don Lemon. Stetler was horrified at Trump’s attack on the American elections, saying that they were rigged against him. He found that a dangerous attack on democracy. However, for reasons of supposed journalistic balance, the network would not let him criticise Trump for this. He goes on to attack this false impression of balanced news, where the network requires that journalists state that both parties are equally culpable if one or the other of them says or does something outrageous, rather than actually challenging them on the factual basis of their statement. Dore makes the point that this goes far beyond just CNN to all the Networks, with the exception of Fox News, which is Republican through-and-through, despite spouting that it’s ‘fair and balanced’. Stetler states that it’s difficult sometimes to find equivalent examples of the other side committing wrongdoing, as required by the networks. This is so courageous an admission that Lemon reaches over and shakes his hand. Dore makes much of this, as The Young Turks and Kyle Kulinski over at Secular Talk have argued frequently that this is one of the ways that the networks give a false legitimacy to the Republicans. They don’t challenge any of the rubbish they spout, but merely turn to someone else for an opposing viewpoint, and then say that it’s undecided or something equally noncommittal. But this is wrong, as more often than not, the Republicans are far more wrong than the Democrats.

Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZt_lgk9qmE

I’m reblogging this, as I hope this might lead to a similar admission of bias and rubbish journalism in British broadcasting. Here the problem is different. In the case of the BBC, it’s Conservative bias that it is presented as objective journalism. The media analysts at Glasgow university showed that the Beeb was far more likely to talk to Conservative politicians and industry figures, than Labour or trade unionists. And Cardiff Journalism School recently published a report showing that the Corporation got 73 per cent – nearly three quarters – of its stats straight from the Tories. There is massive Tory bias on the Beeb.

But you will never get an admission of guilt. When pressed on this point, the Beeb’s spokesmen bluster something about all government’s accusing the Beeb of being against them. This is probably true. Certainly in the 1990s the Tories were constantly accusing the BBC of left-wing bias during John Major’s tenure of Downing Street. And they haven’t lost their strident attacks on the Beeb for being too left-wing. But it doesn’t mean that political bias on the BBC doesn’t exist. It does, and it’s getting worse, and the blatant pro-Tory bias of Laura Kuenssberg shows.

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