Vox Political on David Miliband on the Hilarious and Saddening Desperation of the Blairites

Mike over at Vox Political has today put up a piece commenting on an article in the Mirror Online about a plan by the Labour rebels to shoe-in David Miliband into Jo Cox’s constituency as a challenger to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Mike points out that Miliband lost under the old electoral college system. Under the present, one man, one vote system, he’d fare even worse, as this has shown that the grassroots Labour membership are far more left-wing than the parliamentary Labour party, who reformed the system.

Mike notes that the people putting forward Miliband as a potential leadership contender are anonymous, which probably means that even they know the idea’s unworkable.

He finds it hilarious that the Blairites are so divorced from reality that they think David Miliband will somehow be a popular leader.

At the same time, he finds their cynical attitude to using Jo Cox’s old seat deeply saddening. The other parties, with the exception of one of the Nazi fringe groups, have said that they will not contest Cox’s seat. This means that any Labour candidate inserted into it will automatically go to Westminster. The people behind this plan are considering doing just that to get Miliband into parliament, and therefore into a position to challenge Corbyn. It’s a nasty, cynical and utilitarian attitude to the horrific death of a colleague. Mike says of it:

The suggestion that, after all their previous attacks on party democracy, these power-hungry wretches will spit on the memory of a much-lamented colleague to attack democracy again, is actually worse than heartbreaking.

It is humiliating – for them.

See Mike’s article at: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/08/14/miliband-plan-to-topple-corbyn-is-both-hilarious-and-heartbreaking/

This really does show how desperate the Blairites are, and the more they carry on like this, the more tempted I am to buy one of the books exposing just how deeply corrupt, cynical, manipulative and unpleasant Blair and his court were. Like Andrew Rawnsley’s Servants of the People. This apparently did an excellent job of portraying the vile reality behind the spin and carefully stage managed media events to show the Dear Leader as a popular politicians with mass approval. The reality was that, thanks to Blair, Labour lost five million votes between their election victory in 1997 and their election defeat Thirteen or so years later. Why would I want to put myself through the ordeal of reading up on these deeply unpleasant people, who have continued Thatcher’s disgusting legacy of privatisation, including that of the NHS, and welfare cuts? Because Rawnsley’s book, and others like it, would provide excellent ammunition against the Blairites and their pretensions to represent the mainstream left, their corruption, double-dealing, and slavish kowtowing to big business and the right-wing media, and the immense harm their policies have done to ordinary, working people.

They don’t represent the majority of Labour party members, nor the traditions and ideals of the party’s founders. They are Thatcherite entryists, who represent only middle class interests and middle class entitlement. It’s high time they went.

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