Short 3-4 Minute Video of Jeremy Corbyn at Bristol Rally

I’m afraid I haven’t posted much over the past several days. Some of this is due to having other things to do, and its partly just pure laziness and the desire to take a little break. But I found this excellent little video of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, speaking at a rally in Bristol on Monday.

Corbyn talks about Bristol and the anti-racism campaign by the Black bus drivers led by Paul Stephenson, and backed by Tony Benn. He mentions that Benn was also against the human rights abuses perpetrated by the British government against the Mao Mao rebels in Kenya. He congratulates Marvin Rees on his victory as Bristol’s elected mayor. He then talks about the general housing crisis, and how it’s there’s a shortage of council houses in Bristol. This has become so acute that even those from well-off families can no longer afford to own their own homes. The situation has been made worse in Bristol, as the council has been told it must sell off the higher quality properties.

He promises that his government will build more homes, so that people have a roof over their heads, that they can look forward to owning their homes and having affordable electricity. He promises to improve public services. The video ends with his pledge to create a society in which no section of the population or person is left behind.

Now, I’ve only seen this edited and highly compressed version, but from it I see absolutely no evidence that Corbyn is somehow a bad speaker, who cannot sway crowds with his oratory. He speaks here with urgency and passion, and the crowd are shown listening respectfully and recording him. Despite Thangam Debonnaire’s backing of the Chickencoup over in Bristol East, the impression I had is that Corbyn is massively popular with grassroots Labour supporters in Bristol. There was a rally in support of him in the city a couple of weeks ago, before he arrived here.

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One Response to “Short 3-4 Minute Video of Jeremy Corbyn at Bristol Rally”

  1. Florence Says:

    Having seen Corbyn speak, I can confirm he commands a great affinity with ordinary people, and his speeches are well structured and delivered with passion. His detractors of course would want us to think otherwise. He may not be the barnstormer by nature, but his speeches have fired up every audience I have seen, and it is a rare thing to see so many filled with hope. It’s little wonder that the Labour right want to discourage people from attending these rallies. One may merely observe, that went well didn’t it. I would urge anyone who can to attend a rally or meeting to witness this phenomenon, for even those meetings just for supporters, because the atmosphere is electric. From the reaction of the media and establishment you will know this is forming a formidable force for change, and the UK may lead in the demise of global neoliberal hegemony.

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