Another Pamphlet Written against the Privatisation of the NHS

Anti-Workfare Pamphlet Pic

I’ve also added another pamphlet I’ve written against the privatisation of the NHS to the ‘Pamphlets and Literature’ page on this website. I wrote it a little while ago, and am hoping to get it professionally printed. It’s entitled Privatisation: Killing the NHS, and is A5 format, 34 pp. This is a longer pamphlet against the privatisation of the NHS than the other, Don’t Let Cameron Privatise the NHS. It traces the gradual privatisation of the Health Service back to Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, John Major’s Private Finance Initiative in the 1990s, the Blair and Brown ‘New Labour’ governments, and finally David Cameron and the Conservatives. There is a real, imminent danger that the NHS will be broken up and privatised, as envisioned by Andrew Lansley’s, the author of the Tories’ Health and Social Care Act of 2012. This would return us to the conditions of poor and expensive healthcare that existed before the foundation of the NHS by the Clement Atlee’s Labour government in 1948. Already the Tories have passed legislation permitting ‘healthcare providers’ – which include private companies – to charge for NHS services.

The book is fully referenced, with a list of books for further reading, and organisations campaigning to preserve the NHS and its mission to provide universal, free healthcare.

If you want a copy of this, or any of the other pamphlets I’ve written, just head over to the ‘Literature and Pamphlets’ page, and get in touch using the contact form.

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