New Pamphlet Written on Workfare

Anti-Workfare Pamphlet Pic

Yesterday, I put up four pieces attacking workfare, using the comprehensive arguments advanced against it by Guy Standing in his A Precariat Charter. I’ve also written up these arguments into a pamphlet, shown above, and also included on the pamphlet’s page. As well as Standing’s arguments, I also talk a little about how it’s similar to the Nazi and Stalinist systems of forced labour used to exploit the skills of the people imprisoned in their camps, including the arbeitscheu – workshy- long-term unemployed of Nazi Germany. I’ve also included a bit from the Russian anarchist, Alexander Berkman, about how forced labour on unsuitable work actually deters people from working, rather than encourages it.

As I’ve said, the purpose of these pamphlets is to get the information out to a wider area beyond this blog. If you want one, get in touch with me using the contact form on the pamphlet’s page, and I’ll post one off to you free.

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5 Responses to “New Pamphlet Written on Workfare”

  1. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    oh dont be shy its called aktion t4 culling the stock by anymeans yet workfate has all that did was fill companies wallets and give them a excuse to sack a few peasants has of slaves suplied by gov yet the charities also take and get rewarded twice by them oh dear now those who would have voulantidered now cant has they deemed ftw or just lost the will workfate hay

    • beastrabban Says:

      You’ve said it before, Jeffrey, and it very much does look like that. Mike calls it ‘chequebook genocide’, and a lot of people feel exactly the same about it as you do.

  2. joanna Says:

    i can’t read it

    • beastrabban Says:

      Sorry about that, Jo. It does say End Workfare Now! at the top, but obviously the print’s really too small. I’ll probably make the title larger so that it stands out more.:)

  3. loobitzh Says:

    Reblogged this on Lindas Blog.

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