The Young Turks: Trump Can’t Work Out Why America Doesn’t Use Nukes

This is the strongest argument yet for keeping The Donald well away from the White House, or indeed, civilised society. In this video, Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola discuss how Joe Scarborough, one of the big reporters in America, stated on his programme, Morning Joe, that a foreign policy advisor had told him that three times when he’d been talking to Trump, the coiffured megalomania had asked him, ‘Why don’t we use nukes?’ They state that this is the reason Trump has no foreign policy advisors around him, because they’re horrified by the man’s insane stupidity and bloodlust. Trump is just so round the bend that even General Haydn, whom Cenk Uygur, The Turks’ main anchor, loathes because the man is in favour of torture, mass wiretapping without warrant, and other human rights abuses, was shocked and outraged. The Turks make the point that the system is designed for efficiency, with the American President have the sole authority needed to launch nuclear weapons in the event of a nuclear strike on the homeland. Of course, he could be blocked by the Vice President, but as they point out, the Vice President is legally bound to obey the president. If he doesn’t, he can be sacked, and another vice president appointed who is willing to comply.

They go on to make the point that Trump is so ignorant, he didn’t actually know who the ‘nuclear triad’ was – the West, Russia and China, if I recall, though at least three other countries also have nukes – Pakistan, India, and Israel, although the Israelis strongly deny it. They make the point that arms limitation and the unwillingness of the US or any other country has acted as a powerful incentive towards non-proliferation. However, if other countries feel threatened by the possibility of a nuclear attack, they will seek to acquire nukes to protect themselves. And Trump’s attitude is especially dangerous and irresponsible at this time of international tension and arms build-up between NATO and the Russian Federation. They discuss how Trump in one of his debates stated that he would be willing to use nuclear weapons. He was then asked if he would use them in Europe. No, said Trump, he could see no reason why he would want to use nuclear weapons in Europe. So, said his interlocutor, you’re not going to use nuclear weapons in Europe. Trump denied that as well, and said he wasn’t going to rule anything out. They ask rhetorically how this looks to Europeans and to the Japanese after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This European can answer that it looks extremely terrifying, and I imagine many, many other people over our great continent have the same views, particularly in Germany. The Germans don’t like nuclear power and there is a very strong campaign against the siting of American nuclear weapons in the Bundesrepublik. I can remember the campaign against nukes in the 1980s led by Petra Kelly. As for the Japanese, this must be particularly chilling to them, as they are the only nation to have suffered nuclear attack. It would be particularly interesting to know what the Japanese Christian church makes of this, as the Roman Catholic cathedral was directly underneath the bomb when it exploded. Christians in that particularly city – I can’t remember at the moment which one it was – see themselves as having been particularly martyred by the bomb. Of course, the majority of Japanese are Buddhists or practitioners of Shinto, or both, and I can remember a few years ago when there was a particular strong outcry from Japan against nuclear weapons and the threat of nuclear war. Among the peace campaigner were a group of survivors from the attack, terribly scarred by the blast. Japan is also similar to Germany in that America still has bases on its soil – in Okinawa – and its military presence is resented by many Japanese as a continuing occupation.

The Turks also point out that Trump is psychological unsuited to having control of American foreign policy because he is thin-skinned, and reacts with rage to any insult or challenge, real or perceived. And that brings the danger of war even closer.

Here’s the video:

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5 Responses to “The Young Turks: Trump Can’t Work Out Why America Doesn’t Use Nukes”

  1. katythenightowl Says:

    That has made me more frightened than when I was told in senior school that, because our town was surrounded by american and british bases, that we’d be the target for a nuclear strike!
    Trump might bomb Europe? What?
    He’s a total lunatic – why can’t the american people see this?

    • beastrabban Says:

      Sorry to frighten you, Katy – and you’re right, Trump is a lunatic. However, an increasing number of Americans do realise this. A friend of mine found a piece on the internet by the Republican society at Harvard University, which disowned him in the strongest terms for his bigotry and Fascism. His support is strongest amongst White men, where it’s overwhelming, but women, Blacks, Latinos and Muslims – and just about everyone on the Left, despises him, so it’s in no way a foregone conclusion that he’s going to be in the White House this time next year.

  2. The Young Turks: Trump can’t work out why America doesn’t use nukes | Beastrabban’s Weblog | Vox Political Says:

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  3. Blissex Says:

    «he didn’t actually know who the ‘nuclear triad’ was – the West, Russia and China, if I recall»

    Ahem. It is bombers and land and submarine missiles.

    «though at least three other countries also have nukes – Pakistan, India, and Israel, although the Israelis strongly deny it.»

    They don’t deny it, they just don’t officially confirm it. They have been even up to some shenaningans to make sure everybody knows without officially confirming it.

    BTW why the USA don’t use the nukes is a legitimate questions, and some strong minority faction of the USA armed forces are not reluctant. The Russians and the Chinese instead are absolutely against.

  4. vondreassen Says:

    the man is a complete fool – a dangerous fool –

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