Vox Political: Man with No Arms to Lose Motability Car

Mike put up this story on the 2nd, and I’ve only just now got around to covering it. And it needs to be covered, because it shows the Tories’ attitude to the disabled. Richard Brookes, a man with no arms, who relies on a wheelchair and his motability car to move around, has been told by the DWP that he will lose the car. Because they’ve assessed him as able to walk up to 50 m with ‘walking aids’. His wife, Sarah, is understandably furious, and asks the obvious question how her husband could walk with aids, when he has no arms. She is particularly bitter because her husband used to work for the DWP until last May. This is another person, who has worked all their lives, and now found themselves penalised by an intolerant and punitive system, that punishes the poor and disabled simply for being poor and disabled.

Mike in his comments says that it reminds him of the other times various stupid DWP officials have asked those, who have lost their limbs, how long they believed it would be before they grew back. Mike also makes the point that the comments section on Mrs Brookes’ Facebook page where she vented her feelings about this judgement against her husband was full of comments, ranting on about how it was all the fault of ‘benefit scroungers’ committing fraud, and that was why penalties like this were being inflicted.

It isn’t. As Mike points out, the amount of fraud committed is negligible – about 0.4%, or one in 250 people. But the impression of massive fraud has been enthusiastically promoted by the Tories and the right-wing press, as it gives them a pretext for cutting benefits. Mike points out that the Tories are keen to put more obstacles in the way of claimants, so that they either go away or die before their claim is completed. And the only thing that has changed is that benefits have been cut even more.

See Mike’s article at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/08/02/did-you-think-the-tories-had-given-up-cruelty-to-the-disabled/

So much for Theresa May leading a new, ‘caring’ Tory administration.

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8 Responses to “Vox Political: Man with No Arms to Lose Motability Car”

  1. sdbast Says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

  2. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    hmmm pointing is rude pointing out to others while you loss yours by some seems the norm cant they understand pointing out those is wrong doing the governments work for them im sorry if like me worked 41yrs into that pot and never once asked where it was going it was up to government to decide but nowadays it seems the gov propaganda gets to loads that benefit fraud if rife yet open their eyes ears to see that its a load of bollocks they the gov cause more fraud by whot they do but pointing to your fellow man wont help your cause jeff3

  3. joanna Says:

    That is crazy logic or completely the wrong point to make? Don’t get me wrong I do sympathize, but she is doing and saying exactly the same things that she is against. She is seeing her husband being pilloried for being a scrounger, yet she is blaming others for being scroungers without knowing their situation, it is like she feels like her husband is entitled above everyone else, just because she sees his needs as more important, they are, to her, that does not give her the right to judge others.
    Making the point that he worked for the DWP for years, seems to give her husbands a special kind of entitlement! I don’t mean for this to sound nasty, because it isn’t (I hope) part of my nature, but she seems to think that because he worked for the DWP that he deserves “special treatment”. He should Not be denied his freedom he gets with his car, but at the same time she should Not be labeling other disabled people as scroungers, it should bring people together through a common situation! Who the hell does she think she is?!!!

    Sorry for the language beast but I am angry that she thinks that her husband is entitled above all others!

  4. Beastrabban Says:

    Hi Jo and Jeffrey – thanks for the comments, but I’m afraid there’s been a little misunderstanding here. The woman on her site was not complaining about ‘benefit scroungers’ – it was the people commenting on her Facebook page that had this appalling attitude. Going by Mike’s article, she herself said nothing of the sort. Sorry about the misunderstanding. Perhaps I should have explained it better.:)

  5. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    i had seen mikes also but read it has her pointing

  6. Florence Says:

    The DWP definition of fraud often surprises as it encompasses the situation where by the claimant has been over or under paid on the basis of information that has been given in good faith. That is, where there is no intention to commit fraud, and where the information has actually reduced payments. Genuinely fraudulent claims are pretty rare, but the number who are denied benefits they are entitled to continues to rocket. One current disturbing method being carried out is to book a home visit for ESA or PIP assessment, but no one calls at the house. When they call to find out what happened, they are told that the assessor called but no one was home. It appears they are parking outside the houses, and sometimes take a picture of the front door and then drive off. Now if that isn’t a genuine fraud aimed at denying payment, what is?

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