German Journo Udo Ulfkotte on Europe’s ‘Bought Journalists’

In my last piece, I discussed an article in Counterpunch by Thomas Harrington about the corruption of the British, French, German, Spanish and Italian press, even serious, progressive left-wing newspapers, to reflect American foreign policy interests, neoliberal economics and aggressive American militarism, even at the expense of the interests of their own citizens. Harrington’s article follows a book published in Germany by Udo Ulfkotte, a journalist with the Franfurter Allgemeine, one of the country’s foremost papers, roughly equivalent to the Times or the Torygraph. Entitled Gekaufte Journalisten (‘Bought Journalists’) the book describes how German and other European newspapermen have been bought by the American secret state, to publish pro-American, anti-Russian articles. Despite being a bestseller on that side of the North Sea, an English translation is still awaiting publication. Harrington’s article links to an interview with Ulfkotte on RT on YouTube.

In it, Ulfkotte describes how he too was bribed and corrupted by the CIA and the Bundesnachrichtsdienst – the German secret service – to write pro-American propaganda pieces. He describes how he has become an honorary citizen of Oklahoma in the US, amongst other rewards for his services, and goes on to describe how very many journalists from across Europe, particularly Britain, have been similarly corrupted. Those that have been corrupted the least are the French. He states that no-one will come up to you saying that they’re from the CIA, but ultimately, these are the people journalists like himself served. They get taken on in a system of ‘plausible deniability’. If they becoming too embarrassing, the agencies deny that they ever had anything to do with them. Ulfkotte’s states that after writing anti-Russian articles for the secret services, he is sick and tired of doing so and especially fearful because of the push to war with Russia.

He describes his country as so much under American control that it is ‘an American colony’ and a ‘banana republic’. Most Germans, for example, are against nuclear power, but still the Americans have sited their nuclear missiles in the Bundesrepublik. One of the instances of journalistic corruption he describes is obviously particularly shocking to a German very much aware of the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis. He describes being sent to Zubaidat in Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War in 1988. There he saw how the Iranian soldiers had been gassed used mustard gas made in Germany. Ulfkotte states how horrifying this was, to see German poison gas used again four decades after the Nazis. But when tried to write an article about it, it was spiked.

He also describes how he was asked to write a piece by the BND, the German intelligence service, describing how Colonel Ghadafy was also building poison gas plants in Libya. He himself had no knowledge of this, and all the information about it was supplied by the German intelligence agency.

He also describes some of the consequences if you refuse to join the ranks of the corrupted. He discusses the case of a German civilian helicopter pilot. This chap was a member of the ‘Yellow Angels’, a group that assists with traffic accidents. The spooks approached him about joining them as one of their spies under the cover of the organisation. He refused. He was then sacked from his job as a pilot because he was ‘untrustworthy’. The judge presiding over the case concurred with the assessment, and so the gentleman lost his job. Ulfkotte himself states that he’s not afraid what the intelligence services will throw at him. He’s already had three heart attacks, and has no children.

Here’s the video:

I’ve no doubt that what Ulfkotte says is true. As I said in my last post, Lobster has published a number of piece over the years on the way the British press, and particular journalists, have served as an outlet for propaganda cooked up by the CIA and the British Secret State. Leading journalists, such as an editor of the Times, were also recruited by the British-American Project for the Successor Generation, a Reaganite programme to train up-and-coming British politicians, like Tony Blair, to support the Atlantic alliance. Which is why you definitely won’t read much about BAP in the papers. Private Eye has also published pieces about BAP, and the way journalists with connections to the British intelligence services have tried to intimidate other journos into revealing their sources or working for them on issues relating to domestic terrorism.

What Ulfkotte describes is just the German part of a nasty web of intrigue that has been spread all over the continent. I’m not surprise that the French are the least corrupted. Under De Gaulle France pursued a solidly independent line, retaining its own, genuinely independent nuclear deterrent – ours is effectively signed over to American control – and establishing cordial relations with the eastern bloc. De Gaul blocked our application to join the Common Market – as the EU then was – in the 1960s because he feared that we were a Trojan horse for American interests.

A war with Russia is definitely not in the interests of anyone in Europe. I can remember being shocked when I was growing up in the 1980s at the suggestions then by American generals that there could be a ‘limited’ nuclear war in Europe, and apparently this appallingly stupid notion has been revived under Shrillary. Such a conflict would leave the continent, including Britain, a burnt, radioactive cinder, if it didn’t lead to the total destruction of all life on Earth as the conflict escalated. And the anti-welfare policies peddled by these papers have resulted in hardship and misery across the Continent and promoted the rise of Fascist parties and organisations as peoples have turned against each other to fight for what’s left.

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3 Responses to “German Journo Udo Ulfkotte on Europe’s ‘Bought Journalists’”

  1. katythenightowl Says:

    Nothing you’ve written surprises me.
    I see this at a more local level, with the way British Journalists (and the BBC) follow the Tory Party line all the time, excluding so many things from the news that the British public should be told about, and only telling them what suits at the time.
    The only way any of us get to hear about the important stuff, is through Blogs like yours, and the various social media 😦
    I doubt there are few, if any, forms of news that have been able to keep free of all this, and we’ve all seen it at work over recent months with the way in which Jeremy Corbyn has been lambasted, and portrayed to the public as a crazy leftist because, if he did come to power as Prime Minister, they know he would definitely do his best to get Britiain free of the American power plays happening right now .
    As soon as the vote was taken to keep Trident, I knew we were sunk as a democracy, as nobody I know wanted it, and were actually violently opposed to the idea! That money should have been invested in the NHS, in building affordable homes (and not the so-called affordable that the Tories envisage, either), and investing in our infastructure, so that more jobs are generated throughout the country!
    I honestly can’t see an end to this, as the one man the British people saw as honest, and with ideas we could all agree with, has got both the British, and well as the American, secret services totally opposing him – how can he fight such an established opposition, and win? 😦

    • beastrabban Says:

      It’s very obvious how much the establishment, including the mass media, fear and hate Jeremy Corbyn. The ‘I’ newspaper in particular has just published one article after another by its commenters lambasting him. There’s one today by somebody called Grice with the subtitle that MPs know that Corbyn cannot win the election. Other people who’ve said the same in the pages of the newspaper include Alistair Campbell, Blair’s infamous spin doctor. This says to me that they know they’re wrong, and are deathly afraid that Corbyn will be all too electable. And if he is elected, neoliberalism and the corporate gravy train for the politicos goes with it.

      And all the lies, propaganda and repeated attempts to overthrow him by the Labour rebels seem to be stirring up greater resentment against them by the British public. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but there are massed demos at the Democratic National Convention in America over the way the head of the Democrats, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, conspired with Hillary Clinton to steal the candidacy from Berne Sanders. Delegates for Sanders have been turning up at the Convention and booing Shrillary. And the embryonic Social Democratic movement Sanders has started amongst his supporters – they want an end to corporate sponsorship of politicians and universal healthcare, is turning to third party candidates like Jill Stein, the head of the Green Party. There have even been calls in the pages of the radical left magazine, CounterPunch, for people to get out on the streets and demonstrate for something like a European-style Socialist party. There’s definitely the same momentum building in Britain for Jeremy Corbyn. My guess is that if he is overthrown as leader of the Labour party, and the Blairites have their way, it’ll lead to mass resignations, walk-outs and demonstrations against them, just as the left of the Democrat party are protesting against Shrillary and everything she represents.

      • katythenightowl Says:

        Yes, I’ve been seeing the groundswell of opinion changing in America, too – I think every oridinary voter out there has had enough ofthe corporate oligarchy there, and the same is happening here.
        I f Corbyn is defeated, I will be one of the people walking away from the Labour Party!
        It was Jeremy Corbyn, and the things he is promising the British public, that got me back into politics after far too many years. Without him, the Labour Party might as well call themselves the Tory Lites – and I, for one, will consider any democracy we had left in this country as dead and buried 😦

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