Vox Political on Hidden Payments to MP’s Funding

More electoral corruption from the Conservatives, though Mike points out that it appears unconnected to the wider issue of electoral fraud by Tory MPs. Yesterday, Mike reported that the BBC had uncovered that three payments of £10,000 had been made to the fighting fund for the Tory MP for Northampton South, David Mackintosh. Although the payments, comprising £30,000 in total, were made under different names, they appear to be all from the same company, 1st Land Ltd, which is being investigated for the disappearance of millions of taxpayer’s money. Mackintosh says he will fully co-operate with police, and that he had no reason to believe the money didn’t come from the donors claimed.

See http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/07/29/police-investigate-hidden-payments-to-northampton-south-mps-fund/

Corruption is endemic at all levels of politics, and some of the prize examples of electoral fraud and the bribery of MPs and local councillors can be read regularly in the pages of Private Eye. If affects all parties, but Tory funding is particularly murky. About a decade ago Colin Challen, a Labour MP, wrote a series of articles in Lobster about his attempts to trace the funding of the Tory party. It’s unknown, or at least, it was then, where the Tory party got half of its money. It’s clear from this that the Tory party is funded by some very powerful, extremely secretive, and very probably extremely corrupt individuals and companies. Dubious payments like this made to Mr Mackintosh is just the most obvious tip of a very large, nasty iceberg. It’s probably small potatoes, and run of the mill corruption compared to what else is going on in the party.

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One Response to “Vox Political on Hidden Payments to MP’s Funding”

  1. Florence Says:

    Will people actually suspend credulity? Be it £10K or £30K , it also beggars belief that the donor was “unknown” to the MP, otherwise the generosity would go “unthanked”. The banks of course should have been tracing any sum over £5K under the money laundering Acts.

    I actually sent £2K to my brother married and settled in a EU country,to help when they started a family, and ended up having an account closed because after 20 years of enjoying my money, the bank decided it needed my passport and birth cert. (not notarised copies, so I refused). Private Eye uncovered one of the big money laundering operations of £millions went through the hands of all 12 major banks in the UK and not one raised any query about the origin of the funds. That was apparently typical of the enabling culture of corruption throughout the UK system. So as usual, one rule for us, one rule for them.

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