Owen Smith: Coward and Bully

Mike over at Vox Political posted an excellent demolition a few days ago of Owen Smith’s claim that there is a culture of bullying in the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn. Mike points out that many of the accounts of bullying that Smiff claims occurred, are actually false – like the accusations of anti-Semitism and racism. Among those smeared were, ludicrously, Jewish and Black Labour activists with a very proud history of activism against racism and anti-Semitism. And then there’s Angela Eagle’s lie that a brick had been thrown through her office window, when in fact it was a completely different window in the building she shares with several other offices. It’s in an area that has suffered frequent vandalism to nearby buildings and structures. The only difference this time was that Eagle thought she could make political capital out of it.

Mike points out that Smiffy is in no position to make accusations of bullying against anyone, as he himself tried to bully Mike and one of his great commenters, Liza Van Zyl. Van Zyl attended a meeting in Pontypridd in March last year at which Smudger was a guest speaker. She’s a Labour activist, and asked Smiffy why he was promising to repeal the bedroom tax, but not the Work Capability Assessment, which had actually killed many more people. Smiff replied that it was because he didn’t want the Labour party to be accused of being soft on welfare scroungers by the right-wing press.

Van Zyl posted this on Facebook, and it was taken up by a journalist – Mike. At which point Smiff decided he was going to bully her and Mike for making him look bad. He threatened Liza with legal action, and tried the same with Mike. Liza was forced to give in, as she had no money to defend herself in court, and her Labour colleagues had sided with the Pontypridd Pratt in order to maintain good relations with him.

Mike didn’t fold, because he told Smiffy that not only did he have Liza’s testimony, he also had very thorough knowledge of the WCA, as he’d forced the government to publish the figures on the deaths it had caused.

At which point, Smiffy did what most bullies do when you stand up to them: he went away.

See Mike’s article at: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/07/22/heres-why-owen-smith-really-shouldnt-kick-up-a-fuss-about-bullying/

This tells you everything you need to know about Owen Smith. He’s a coward. He’s keen to bully grassroots Labour members, who don’t follow his every whim, but is desperate to appear presentable to the rich and powerful, the very people that are killing those the Labour party was founded to represent: the poor and working class. It also shows the culture of mendacity that exists in New Labour. When the truth is awkward, lie. Just like Tony Blair and his vile court lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction, in order to take us to war in Iraq.

Far from Jeremy Corbyn being responsible for bullying, it’s the Blairites, led by Smith and Eagle, who have presided over a culture of bullying and intimidation. They should stop. If they cannot, I suggest that they leave and find their true home in the Tories.

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3 Responses to “Owen Smith: Coward and Bully”

  1. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    too true yet the blair babies will cause more trouble unless they change id rather doubt that greed has them and thats their downfall jeff3

  2. Michelle Says:

    I also read that “Owen Smith is a strong supporter of Trident and assiduously courts the arms industry. He is a regular at defence industry events” ref: . https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2016/07/entirely-fake-owen-smith/

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