Guy Debord’s Cat on the Posturing of the Blairites

Like just about everyone, who really wants the Labour party to mean something, and represent the interests and ideals of working people, rather than just be an imitation of the Tories, Guy Debord’s Cat is losing his patience with the antics of the Blairites. He put up this very short piece, in which a Labour right-winger goes from a simple statement that they merely want to be the responsible party of government to accusations of harassment and bullying when their position is simply questioned by a member of the public.


This is very much how many of us see them, and their attempts play the victim when their own bullying doesn’t get them their way. It’s too bad the Blairites in Progress and Saving Labour haven’t yet cottoned on to how poisonous and ridiculous they look. Though unfortunately, I don’t think that would stop them even if they did. True egomaniacs, it’s everyone else who’s wrong, and the glorious mechanism of the free market, private industry, cutting away welfare to make the poor, sick and disabled starve, according to the sacred teachings of Maggie Thatcher, must in no way be questioned. They work. Even when it’s obvious to everyone that they don’t.

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