Chunky Mark on Corbyn’s Solitary Stance in England against Trident

Okay, I know I’ve put several pieces from Chunky Mark the Artist Taxi Driver already today. And I know that some of you can’t listen to him because of the way he shouts. I tend to turn down the volume when listening to him as well, and I can appreciate how some find it off-putting. On the other hand, as others of you have pointed out, the issues he vlogs about are intensely important matters of justice, of peace, about combating poverty, neglect, misinformation and exploitation. Deeply emotive subjects, about which people do have a right to feel and express their rage and anger against an unjust and exploitative political and economic system.

The two pieces I reblogged from him earlier were about Jeremy Corbyn and the Trident debate respectively. Well, yesterday parliament voted overwhelmingly to renew Trident. 58 of the 59 Scottish MSPs were against it. South of the border, it seems that the only politico, who spoke against it was Jeremy Corbyn. In this rant, Chunky Mark describes how he appeared like a ghost, and compares him at the end to the last figure standing, staring out the wall, while everyone else is running about in panic at the end of the horror flick, the Blair Witch Project. Corbyn stood there, being heckled and vilified by everyone, even his own party. And at the end they all raised their fingers and pointed at him.

Mark makes the case that this is an indictment of most of the politicians in Westminster itself. He describes the sheer expense involved in purchasing Trident – £49 billion, according to one politician – as economically illiterate. It’s massively expensive, and adds to the growing threat of nuclear annihilation – the deaths of 8 billion people – all for just 15,000 jobs. He states once again that Britain could have shown the way forward for bringing about peace by rejecting it. And then there was Theresa May. When asked if she could kill 100,000 people, she declared ‘Yes’. She announced that she was willing to incinerate 100,000 men, women and children. And Chunky Mark points out once again that despite the mass hostility against him in parliament, Corbyn still has mass support from everyone, who wants a genuine alternative and believes another world is possible.


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4 Responses to “Chunky Mark on Corbyn’s Solitary Stance in England against Trident”

  1. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    first it was 30000 jobs now above recons 15000 but news is around 500 jobs around the sub base but the other will be in america ouch how much we paying over the life of these

    • beastrabban Says:

      Yeah, Jeffrey – I’ve noticed that they’re now saying it’ll only create 520 jobs here in Britain, but will cost £205 billion. However much it is, it’s too much.

  2. Michelle Says:

    It would seem there’s something dangerous in the water at Westminster! I couldn’t sleep after seeing the clip when May said “yes” without hesitation to the question of whether she would be willing to kill 100,000’s of INNOCENT men women and children! If anyone hasn’t seen this:

    Then there is Owen willing to do so even if the count is in the millions and with a small smile on his face:

    It would seem the cackle of madness is drumming out most rational thought in the power house.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Absolutely – they’re really frightening, and I think that May and Owen may actually be far worse in the readiness to commit mass murder on a continental scale than many of the soldiers, sailors and pilots, who have the duty of staffing the nuclear arsenal. I was watching a film over at friends a few years ago, which was set on an American nuclear sub during a particularly tense moment in the Cold War, when we really were close to a nuclear holocaust. I can’t remember the film’s title, but it had Gene Hackman as the sub’s commander. I don’t know if this is true, but talking about the movie with my friend, he told me that the protocols for allowing individual sub commanders to launch were taken away from them, because the majority of commanders said that if the crunch came, they would not press the button.

      There’s an element of the chickenhawks about May and Smith’s stance as well. Neither of them, as far as I know, have served in the armed forces. It’s been said that the people, who are least likely to start wars, are those who’ve actually had to fight in them. I think that’s true, at least up to a certain point. One of the points made by an American female pentagon commander about Bush and the Neocons, was that they were all ‘chickenhawks’. They were ready to mouth off about fighting a war, and send other brave men and women to their deaths, but they had never, ever come anywhere close to combat themselves. They were all draft dodgers during Vietnam. And so the Middle East has been destabilised, hundreds of thousands have died, and millions forced from their homes, by men, who had no intention of risking their own skins.

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