Angela Eagle Lied about Corbynistas Responsible for Smashed Window

Angela Eagle, the contender for the leadership of the Labour party against Jeremy Corbyn, was in the news last week after one of the windows in the same building as her constituency office was broken. Eagle claimed that it was her office window, and that it was somehow the work of her opponents, the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. Except it wasn’t. It was more lies from the Blairite party of lying.

Mike over at Vox Political has today posted an article, based on a piece from Wirral In It Together, and a YouTube video made by members of the public, showing that the window that was smashed did not belong to her office. Her office is on the ground floor, and its windows are intact. The smashed window looks on to a stairwell. Moreover, she shares the premises with five other concerns. Whatever was done, was not targeted at her, and there is absolutely no reason to link it with Corbyn. Except by Eagle herself, for her own political advantage.

One of the commenters on that piece, Joy Boyd, comes from the area, and still has family living there. She had this to day about the incident.

Before looking at the alleged breaking of a window at Angela Eagles Constituency office let me tell you a little about myself. I lived in Wallasey for 25 years and passed the office most days. My children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren still live in Wallasey and Ms Eagle is their MP.

Demographic of the Constituency office.

Ms Eagles office is adjacent to the car park for Liscard Shopping Centre. The Royal oak pub is directly opposite and two further pubs to the left and the right are no more than 50-100 yards away. It is an area known for trouble and vandalism and this can be checked by FOI. Ms Eagles office is contained within a building with 4-5 other businesses in situ.

When I lived in Wallasey (I left in 2008) there were many incidents of shop windows being broken and many of incidents of wing mirrors being kicked off or body work scratched and car badges taken. My home was broken into and invaded on two separate occasions. It is a poor area with a high incidence of drug use. I therefore found it strange that Ms Eagle, Jane Kennedy (Merseyside Police Commissioner and the whole of the press immediately ‘knew’ the broken glass at Sherlock House was firstly an attack on Ms Eagle, and secondly it had been carried out by a Corbyn Supporter.

There are many variables as to why the window had been broken, vandalism, drunkenness or dissatisfaction with one on the four occupants occupying the premises. However we were told almost immediately the broken window was a Corbyn supporter. Jane Kennedy went so far as to call it a ‘cowardly act’ and informs she will dispatch personal to protect the premises.

As a former resident of Wallasey who endured burglaries, and vandalism a number of times I find Ms Kennedy’s sycophant behaviour inexcusable and left me very angry. Where was her voice speaking out for me and countless other real victims in Wallasey?

The media have been complicit in this ridiculous story of the ‘Curious case of the Broken Window’; lazy downright shabby reporting by media establishments that should know better. In November 2015 the Liscard Christmas tree was vandalised; the tree no more than 50-100 metres away from Eagles office. Did Jeremy Corbyn’s Supporters vandalise the tree? Rake Lane Cemetery 150 metres from Eagles office vandalised, again did Corbyn Supporters have a hand in that? It now transpires it was a window in the shared stairwell and not Miss Eagles office at all. It’s all been a concocted fairy story given credibility by a lazy media.

In other words, Eagle’s office is in an area which has been repeatedly vandalised, and the broken window is just part of this general pattern of vandalism. The only difference is that it has been cynically exploited by Eagle and her supporters in the media to smear Corbyn.

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One Response to “Angela Eagle Lied about Corbynistas Responsible for Smashed Window”

  1. Alan Fairclough Says:

    Did she actually say Corbin supporters did it?

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