How Theresa May has been slowly turning the UK into a civil liberties free zone

This is another piece in which the good Mr Pride lays out the true character of the new government. And it’s as ugly as that picture of her in Private Eye’s ‘lookalikes’ showing her next to the Emperor Palpatine from ‘Star Wars’. She stands of the expansion of the secret state, more surveillance, the Kafkaesque system of ‘secret courts’ in which you may not even know the crime for which you have been arrested and charged, the arrest of journalists under the terrorism laws, and the attempted deportation of a seven year old child. Meanwhile, the great and powerful charged with sex crimes are protected from having the details of their offences revealed for over three quarters of a century and more. Despite the specious verbiage she uttered when she was appointed by the Tory faithful, she is very much ‘for the privileged few’. But with the right-wing papers demanding ever more harder measures against terrorists, like the animal, who destroyed 84 lives in Nice yesterday, she’ll no doubt be popular with a frightened populace, unaware that the laws she’s imposing are against them as much as any Islamist.

Pride's Purge

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