Hedge fund fatcats set to gain £250m a year from Brexit

Another great piece from the always dependable Tom Pride. A little while ago, I put up a piece from Private Eye, reporting how Andrea Leadsom, one of the leaders of the Brexit campaign, was being backed by hedge funds. Although this was published over a month ago, it’s still very, very relevant, as it shows how these companies planned to get massively rich when this country voted against its best interest and decided to leave the EU. Johnson is out of the race as Tory leader, and I can’t see Leadsom winning, but I’ve no doubt that the pernicious influence of the hedge funds will remain.

Pride's Purge

hedge fund managers

Hedge fund managers are set to earn as much as £250m a year if the UK leaves the EU:

Hedge fund managers backing ‘Out’ campaign set to make millions from Brexit

Which is probably why several wealthy hedge fund managers have been making donations to leaders of the Brexit campaign, in particular Boris Johnson.

They include Peter Dubens , Simon and David ReubenSir Michael Hintze and this charming man, Johan Christofferson:

johan brexit

As you can see, Johan loves fox hunting. He will also be £250m a year richer if we vote to leave the EU.

So make Johan happy on June 23rd.  Vote Brexit.

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