Vox Political on the Internet Petition for a Vote of No Confidence in 172 Rebel MPs

Mike over at Vox Political has an article about a petition by the 38 degrees internet petitioning group, who are presenting a vote of no confidence in the 172 rebel Labour MPs, who are trying to bring down Jeremy Corbyn. The petition asks them to do the decent thing and resign. Mike in his comments about the petition leaves it entirely up to the reader whether to sign it or not.

See his article at: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/07/03/new-petition-is-vote-of-no-confidence-in-labour-party-mutineers/

The petition states

Make your voice heard if you believe our country deserves a credible Labour Party that speaks to the country as a whole.

Why is this important?

The 172 treacherous Blarites in the Parliamentary Labour Party have shown that they are unfit to represent the Labour Party. They have also shown complete contempt for Labour Party members and supporters. Over the past week they have chosen their personal interests over the people of this country that deserve an effective opposition to our Conservative government.
This is a petition is for those who believe that for the benefit of Labour voters, for the benefit of all those millions who need a Labour government and for the sake of our politics, the 172 treacherous Blairites in the Parliamentary Labour Party should do the noble thing and resign.

If you want to sign it, it’s at: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/a-vote-of-no-confidence-in-the-172-blarites-in-the-parliamentary-labour-party

I’ve signed it, because I’m sick of Britain and its working people being betrayed by the Blairite clique that in 20 years of power have tried to turn the party into a carbon copy of the Tories. They stand for everything the Tories do: neoliberal economics based on private enterprise, the selling off of the NHS, and the increasing curtailment of welfare benefits. All of this is imperilling the health and wellbeing of Britain’s people, and destroying its economy. Millions have been forced into poverty through Thatcherite and Blairite policies. And all this has been done for the benefit of their extremely rich backers in big business and the media, like Rupert Murdoch. It’s time it stopped. Now.

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One Response to “Vox Political on the Internet Petition for a Vote of No Confidence in 172 Rebel MPs”

  1. vondreassen Says:

    smoke and mirrors by Blair & co, seekuing to avert our attention away from the coming Chilcot…

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