Vox Political: Farage Quits… But Not Really

Mike over at Vox Political has put up a piece from Left Foot Forward, commenting on Nigel Farage’s decision to resign as leader of UKIP. Except that he hasn’t. The Fuhrage declared last week he was standing down as the party’s leader, stating that he didn’t want to be a career politician. As the article makes clear, Farage has been an MEP since 1999, which is a long time not to be a career politico. He is also not keen to resign from the European parliament, now that his party has effectively won and Britain has voted to leave the EU. No! Farage and his stormtroopers have decided to remain in their seats in the European parliament, until Britain finally leaves Europe in two years’ time.

Which means we’re still paying him to do a job he says he doesn’t want to do, and wishes to give up doing.

Mike points out that as all his promises have been fake, we should call him Nigel Mirage.

See: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/07/04/if-farage-has-quit-why-is-the-taxpayer-still-paying-him-a-fortune/

Mike makes the obvious comparison between Farage and Boris Johnson. Both of them promoted the decision to leave, and then have bailed out to abandon the country to its fate. In Boris’ case, it’s highly debatable how genuine his support for Brexit was. He was stating at first that he wanted a positive vote for Brexit merely as a bargaining chip to get a better deal from the EU and talking about the possibility of a second referendum. This suggests that for Boris, his support for Brexit was only ever tactical. He joined it simply to advance his political career. Well, Cameron said that there won’t be a second referendum, and the Faux-Blond Buffoon’s been stabbed in the back by Gove, so that very much look like his career gone.

From the disarray in the Brexit camp, it looks to me that none of them – not Boris, nor Farage, nor Gove, actually really believed they’d win, or had any concrete plans for what would happen if they did. And so they’re left there, floundering, while economic chaos looms and Britain begins to split up. It’s painfully obvious from all this that none of these clowns should come anywhere near succeeding David Cameron and getting into No. 10.

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