Medialens on the Bias against Jeremy Corbyn

Michelle, one of the many great commenters on this blog, sent me a link to the article, ‘Killing Corbyn’ at Media Lens, which describes the disgusting media bias against Jeremy Corbyn. This includes the fawning coverage of the coup plotters by Laura Kuenssberg at the BBC, and her attempts to sneer at, belittle and disparage Corbyn’s leadership at whatever chance she gets; her statement that Tom Watson was telling Corbyn to resign, which he wasn’t; and then an entirely contrived story that Corbyn had been heckled at a Gay pride event. He had, but the heckler, Tom Mauchline, worker for Portland Communications, a PR firm which worked for the disgusting Liz Kendall, when she was campaigning for the leadership of the party. I think it was Kendall, who said that Labour would be even harder on those on benefits than the Tories. It’s strategic counsel is Alistair Campbell, Blair’s spin doctor and one of the New Labour clique that took us into the carnage of the Iraq invasion.

It goes on to discuss BBC News’ live feed, ‘the Corbyn Crisis and Brexit’, in which the vote to leave the EU is presented somehow as being a product of Corbyn’s leadership, and playing down the contemporary drama in the Tory party. The anti-Corbyn bias is strongly contrasted with the positive portraits of the two possible successors to Cameron, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. The Beeb isn’t the only section of the media hostile to Corbyn. The supposedly left-wing newspapers, the Guardian and Observer have also run hit pieces.

The nadir was reached with a piece in the Mail on Sunday by Dan Hodges, which was illustrated with a photoshopped image of Corbyn in a coffin under the headline ‘Labour MUST Kill Vampire Jezza’. When challenged, Hodge’s denied that he wrote the headline. He’s right – that’s done by the subeditors, but he didn’t reply when challenged if he actually objected to them.

The article provides further information on how the campaign against Blair in the Labour party is the work of the Blairites, desperate to hang on to their waning power. They’re doing so through Portland Communications, the PR firm, whose clients include a whole host of the usual multinational villains, like Nestle’s and Barclay’s. It’s also being supported by Left Foot Forward Ltd, a company run by Will Straw, the son of Jack Straw, one of the leading members of Blair’s government. Jack Straw also turned up recently as one of the leaders of Cameron’s inquiry into the Freedom of Information Act. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool authoritarian, who was moaning that it was to liberal and too much information was now available to the public. The proles should instead shut up and just be grateful for what their masters deign to tell them. The article concludes that all of this is predictable, as Corbyn is a genuine threat to corporate power and the establishment, and they are doing everything they can to destroy him.

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4 Responses to “Medialens on the Bias against Jeremy Corbyn”

  1. vondreassen Says:

    Reblogged this on vondreassen and commented:
    Blair is trying smoke & mirrora as he’s about to get his butt kicked,

  2. Florence Says:

    I thought the “harder than IDS on benefit claimants” was Rachel Reeves’ . She and Cooper were the architects of the current “business architecture” of the DWP aided by Atos and Unum. This gave IDS and Grayling everything they needed including the much more severe sanction regime and the WCA that had already been declared unfit for purpose in a report in 2010 that went missing over the election period, along with the first coroner’s report into the likelihood of further avoidable deaths under the WCA. The UN report on the abuses of human rights especially in regards to the treatment of disabled and vulnerable indeed covers the Cooper, Reeves and Burnham tenure at the DWP. It is then in the interests of New Labour as well as the Tories to bury the report. It is also in both their interests to be rid of Corbyn and his ferocious defence of the vulnerable as part if the anti austerity agenda. He won’t give up on Blairs war crimes and he won’t give up on the UN damning of the HR abuses in the UK.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think you’re right, Florence. Thanks for the correction. 🙂 I also didn’t know that the report stating that the WCA wasn’t fit for purpose had vanished during the 2010 election. It’s more evidence of the culpability of New Labour for some of the deaths and mental harm that has resulted from it. And you’re right about Jeremy Corbyn. No wonder the Blairites are so afraid of him.

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