American Political Commentator Jimmy Dore Attacks the ChickenCoup

Jimmy Dore, a comedian and political commentator, who has appeared on The Young Turks internet news show, has made this attack on the plotters against Jeremy Corbyn. Dore describes them accurately as Neoliberals and Blairites. He states that while it was the Conservatives, who have consisted ‘demogogued’ against the European Union, and Cameron who called for a referendum on it, Corbyn is being blamed for the Brexit vote. He states that their conspiracy is contrived, because the Blairites are horrified that Corbyn has returned the party to the Left-wing politics of the past. He states that the coup was orchestrated by Hillary Benn, ‘who is a disgrace to his name’ – clearly a reference to Benn’s father, the great Tony, and someone who deserted his party to vote with the Tories for greater bombing and carnage in Syria. Dore makes it very clear that they don’t have the backing of Labour party members. Rallies were called to support Corbyn, and with 24 hours 10,000 people had joined in. Dore has described the plotters as having purged themselves, and reported that they are in such disarray that they can’t even find a leader to put up against Corbyn in a leadership contest. Throughout the video, Dore rightly compares Corbyn to America’s Bernie Sanders, another left-winger and self-described Socialist, who was betrayed and screwed by his party in favour of the massively unpopular Hillary Clinton. He makes it very clear that he supports Jeremy Corbyn against the ‘pro-banks, pro-austerity and pro-war’ Neoliberal Blairites.

This is a great piece, and describes the situation and the treachery of the Blairites as it really is. Sanders and Corbyn represent the real hopes for Britain and America, and they’ve been attacked by the forces of corporate greed in their parties, who have nothing to offer their peoples except more massive profiteering for the banks and big corporations, and further poverty and immiseration for the rest of us.

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3 Responses to “American Political Commentator Jimmy Dore Attacks the ChickenCoup”

  1. sdbast Says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

  2. katythenightowl Says:

    Seen through the eyes of America, this whole fiasco is something out of a Carry On Film, isn’t it? Lol

    I just hope, like Jimmy Dore, that the real Labour supporters keep Jeremy Corbyn as their leader, and that a General election is called soon! 🙂

    • beastrabban Says:

      Absolutely! Oo-er, I say! Which means that Jeremy Corbyn must be in the role of Sid James, the wily operator way ahead of the rest of the pack. Waugh! Waugh!

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