Vox Political: Stoke-on-Trent South Labour Party Give MP the Treatment He Deserves

There’s a backlash starting against the 172 Labour MP, who tried to stage a coup against Jeremy Corbyn. Despite their claims that Corbyn is unelectable, the Labour leader is massively popular with the public and the grassroots membership in the constituency parties. And like me, they are not happy with plotting and machinations of the Blairite Labour rebels. As a result, some of them are starting to give them the treatment they meted out to Corbyn.

Mike yesterday posted a piece about Rob Flello, the Labour MP for Stoke on Trent. Flello told his constituency Labour party that he wouldn’t take any action against the Labour leader. A promise, which he then promptly broke by joining the calls for the Labour leader to resign. And now Chris Robinson, the head of Flello’s local Labour party, has called on Flello to come to a constituency meeting to explain his actions instead, and has said that he intends to propose a motion of no confidence in Flello himself.

Mike urged the other constituency parties to give their MPs the same treatment, if their MPs had also defied their instructions not to attack the Labour leader.

See: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/06/30/labour-members-follow-the-lead-of-stoke-on-trent-south-if-your-mp-voted-against-corbyn/

Mike’s absolutely right. The Chickencoup plotters are bog-standard Thatcherites, peddling a worn-out ideology that has comprehensively wrecked this country’s economy, society and political culture, and reduced 4.7 million of our fellow citizens into food poverty. But the elites like it, because it confirms and further promotes the massive inequalities in British society, and their own power and authority. This nonsense should have ended in the 1990s with the election of Blair. But it didn’t. It continued. But Corbyn has promised that he will, and we have to support him – for the poor and working people of Britain, and for the sake of returning the Labour party to the ideals of the working people, who founded it.

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    I stood outside Downing Street waving a flag and watching Tony Blair in HAH little did we know what a conman he is; how we electorate love a pretty face = alas most of the time there’s nowt behind it !

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