After the Brexit Vote, More Racism

I had an email come through yesterday from the anti-racism, anti-religious extremism organisation, Hope Not Hate, expressing their sadness at the venomous racism and xenophobia that had been deliberately stirred up by the ‘Leave’ campaign. They made it very clear that they were resolved, more than ever, to do everything they could to combat this renewed threat, and urged everyone to join them in doing so.

The amount of sheer, bitter, vindictive racism for certain parts of the ‘Leave’ campaign has been absolutely appalling. Mike put up late on Thursday night some of the poisonous tweets he’d seen on social media from the ‘Leave’ camp, and they were extremely shocking. One poster said that after the vote, they could start deporting these ‘smelly, troublesome immigrants’. Another said that any woman, who voted ‘Remain’ should be raped, because that’s what these immigrants do. Somebody called ‘Mac’ tweeted that they should be sent ‘f***ing packing’, describing them as ‘scumbags’, ‘rapists’ and ‘traffickers’ which he didn’t want in his country. And somebody else poured out a pile of invective against someone – a woman – who was clearly in favour of Remaining that it cannot be repeated in a family blog.

See Mike’s article at:

And talking to Mike today, it seems that this hatred has been personally experienced by one of his friends. This particular person is a foreigner, and they were personally abused and insulted following the ‘Leave’ referendum.

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

And Mike and Hope Not Hate are undoubtedly right when they say that this hatred will increase. This has to be resisted with all the strength we have.

!No Pasaran!, as the Spanish Anti-Fascists said.

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