Vox Political: Vote Leave and UKIP Would Keep 85 Per Cent of Immigration Level

Mike over at Vox Political also has another article attacking the claims of UKIP and the ‘Leave’ Campaign that a Brexit would substantially reduced the amount of immigration to this country. It’s a close analysis of the statistics, and follows other, similar articles that Mike’s blogged about, showing that just about half of all immigration to the UK is from foreign students going into Higher Education. This article estimates the proportion of such students as about 47% of all immigrants. As these people contribute £7 billion to our economy, neither Priti Patel, the Kippers and the other Brexit campaigners want to reduce them. A further number are immigrants coming to Britain to take up definite jobs, for which no British workers are available. Again, this is another area which the Brexit campaign has said that they don’t wish to touch. The Kippers and the rest of the Brexit campaign are in favour of an Australian style points system, which is designed to allow immigrants with skills that are needed into the country. It also estimates that after Brexit, there may also be a number of expatriate Brits returning to Blighty in the hope of finding jobs, though this is very speculative.

The result of all this is that, when the numbers are finally crunched, a Brexit would only reduce immigration to Britain by about 15%. Which is quite definitely not what Priti Patel, Gove, Farage and BoJo are trying to tell us. They want us to believe that if Britain leaves Europe, somehow the number of immigrants will massively collapse back to something much lower. This shows that it won’t.

See the article: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/06/22/euref-if-youre-planning-to-vote-leave-because-of-immigration-read-this/


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